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Portable Tree Shade

Personal ivy on wheels
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Standing at bus station today, I could feel the heat coming at me from the metal roof. I touched it, and realized it was boiling hot.

Moving over to a nearby poodle shaped short cut down tree, with a dense canopy, I enjoyed a nice cool place to stand, even though the tree was only a bit above my height and was only shading me from its side.

(for various reasons most municipalities around the world don't like tall trees or wide tree canopies).

So the idea: A portable "tree" or vegetative shade. Could have a small electric motor and could be used to walk anywhere in the city. If its from ivy, build it so it can fold, or at least collapse into single plane of view, so that it could be taken with on the train or bus.

The next version would also have sufficient power to ride in along with the tree.

pashute, Aug 24 2012

leaf umbrella http://us.123rf.com...igh-quality-ren.jpg
[xandram, Aug 29 2012]


       A tree thats been extensively trimmed, until it looks like a poodle haircut?
afinehowdoyoudo, Aug 24 2012

       or an array of bonsai trees, on a wheeled tray, keeping them about seven feet off the ground?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 25 2012

       A potted tree on a Segway with a follow-me gizmo. A crowd of these moving through the CBD would have a unique look.
wjt, Aug 27 2012

       Oh.. My wife had thought of this before. The questions arise: how do you make sure that tree doesn't fall over under a stronger wind, and, especially, when you want to use the stairs...
Inyuki, Aug 27 2012

       Every place would have to be plant accessible.
wjt, Aug 27 2012

       Do we thneed this?   

po, Aug 28 2012

       Your trees could greet each other when they meet, like "The Lonely Guy"
4and20, Aug 28 2012

       //The next version would also have sufficient power to ride in along with the tree.   

       So this has spin-off to spare the feelings of monkey/ape/primate (who's name I can't remember) which can't actually run between trees and has to do a embarrassing waving-the-hands sideways run.   

       Very thoughtful.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 29 2012

       I think this is why people carry shade umbrellas, though having them made with leaves would be very nice.
xandram, Aug 29 2012


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