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Portrait Cookie Cutters

Custom cookie cutter engraving.
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You submit a design electronically or by mail -- a hand-drawing or a photograph. The company does a simple custom engraving job on a suitable plastic blank (perhaps with already-roughed-in features for common designs) -- and ships the result back to you. Perhaps they host a forum for voting on favourite designs and offer refunds to the original buyers of the most popular designs if they give permission for it to be mass-produced.

Possibly also suitable for things like jello molds.

Monkfish, Jan 04 2003

Mac-O-Lanterns http://www.geekcult...f/macolanterns.html
Similar to what [BinaryCookies] mentioned [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Custom cookie cutter outlines. http://www.coppergi...e_Cutters_CG656.asp
Not quite this idea, which is about both bas relief and outline. [jutta, Dec 01 2004]


       I've done this with paper templates, and it's a pain (they get all soggy and it's annoying to cut around them and the result tends to look rough). Sounds good to me.
egnor, Jan 04 2003

       Well, both. There are some plastic ones that impress a design on the surface as well as cutting out a shape. I was thinking of that kind.   

       Actually, maybe I was thinking of a "cookie stamp". But I had the idea that this sort of thing existed for rolled dough, too.   

       (Possibly the 'cookie stamp' variety could be easily baked by companies that make custom rubber stamps. Or, more dangerously for the unbaked status of the idea, such stamps could just be ordered and used for this purpose.)
Monkfish, Jan 06 2003


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