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Post-facto pedometer

How far did I walk?
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I spent a good part of today walking around parts of Atlanta, GA, including the huge Georgia World Congress Center, and have a blister on my right foot to prove it.

However, the blister fails to have recorded exactly how far I travelled, and I'd like to know.

Yes, I could have worn a pedometer, or (indoor capable) GPS. But I didn't, and would like to find out how far I walked, anyway, after the fact.

So I propose an added capability for Google Maps, Earth, or whatever similar display of the area walked. One would simply use one's favorite tactile interface (mouse, touchpad, rubber nubbin, etc.) to draw one's paripatetic trajectory over the displayed map and have the total distance covered displayed.

csea, Sep 08 2009

Measuring distance in Google Earth http://earth.google...4/ug_measuring.html
Mark out a path in Google Earth and it will tell you the length. [tatterdemalion, Sep 08 2009]


       [ttdml] Thanks, just what I need! Odd that Google didn't turn up it's own feature when I googled...   

       Apparently baked, perhaps not widely known.   

       [marked-for-whatever-expiry -is-deemed-appropriate]
csea, Sep 09 2009

       (sp. "peripatetic")
hippo, Sep 09 2009

       Thanks, fixed.
csea, Sep 09 2009

       Didn't that use to be only in the 'Pro' version? Thanks for updating me!
loonquawl, Sep 10 2009

       I didn't it existed, very cool. Thanks csea and tatter.
blissmiss, Sep 10 2009


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