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Post-it Monitor

Small, hinged LCD's replace yellow sticky paper.
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Currently, my computer monitor is adorned with a foliage of post-it notes stuck around it's border. What I need is a monitor with many small, hinged, monochromatic LCD screens, each the size of a sticky note, arranged around the outside. When unused, they fold back into the monitor housing out of sight. When I want to record a short note (e.g. name and phone number), I type it into a small text-input window and hit return. At random, one of the LCDs automatically flips up into view, displaying the information. After a certain time period, (the half-life of real post-it note glue, on average say) they fold back into the housing out of sight.
riromero, Aug 25 2003


       I think Microsoft's Idea of OneNote is close to what you saying   

       Also there's a something called 'TheBrain' application. www.thebrain.com where you can do the same thing
artist, Aug 25 2003

       If you still have to type forget it. If you type anyway then you can just as well put it into some proper file. But often it is inconvenient to type while on the phone, or someone just slips a note on your desk while you are gone, or there is a little sketch to include.   

       What you really need is a camera (the cyclope's eye style) on top of your monitor so you can hold up every little note someone scribble and the camera records it on a single strike of a hot key. Then you can have the notes pop up in a little window on your screen.
kbecker, Aug 25 2003


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