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Carbon copy postcard packs
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Sometimes you can find yourself writing out similar messages to all your friends and family. Often it's nothing too personal and you just want everyone to know how your trip is going. To save yourself from RSI grab a pack of 'Post-scads'. Comprised of four thinner than usual postcards with carbon paper between each layer, you can scribble out your generic message and be back in the pub in no time.
lukecleland, Feb 10 2006

scads http://www.google.c...illa:en-US:official
all you need to know [neilp, Feb 10 2006]


       pre-written postcards anyone ? customised to the local area, and with a choice of three handwriting styles?
neilp, Feb 10 2006

       Postcards onna stick?
zeno, Feb 10 2006


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