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Pass the love of Poetry Around
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This may already be baked...

This is the Netflix of Poetry. You sign up with the service online for say $5 and maybe put down some taste preferences (medieval, postmodern, neoclassic,etc)

Every week in the mail, you end up getting a "new" poetry book that's full of the previous owner's poetry and thoughts (maybe even a few bare-chested sketches). The book is only partially full, and its your job to fill some more in - maybe a half dozen or so pages until your week is up. Then you send it off in an envolope for the next person to read.

The only catch here is to remain anonymous, so maybe it has to go back to the "netflix" center to be redistributed to the next lucky reader/writer.

You could easily take the book with you on your coffee break at the Star, or maybe scribble some stuff down on your business plane trip when the dreaded "dong" alerts you to close all electronic devices. Grrr...

When the book is full, then what? Maybe you're allowed to keep it if there only remains a dozen or so empty pages.

proee, Feb 06 2007

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