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Rhymes For Bad Spellers

To help you remember which witch is... whatever.
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Before most people could read and write rhymes were used to pass along information.

Here's my attempt to try that for "they're, there, and their" and other words maybe.


They're happy there. Their location is where.

That's apostrophe, then it's ERE.

Whether near or far, last is EIR.

And speaking of where, that's a place over there... (interest waning)

okay, my brain hurts and I've got the flu. I'm going to bed.

doctorremulac3, Jan 18 2022


       Or we could fix the english language (not the way Webster did it, making a mess for USAns of the future). For a start, we need more letters. All this "different pronunciations in different contexts" rubbish...
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 18 2022

       if whiches wached whatches, witch which wood watche wich wach? Whatch witch which whaches wich wach. Whatch witch whitch wacher whachis whytch wiche whatcheng witch wache. But wotch wotching witchis watch witch whatching wotschier whotchers, witch worreys wotch whotcheng whitche whotechynge whottecheyeres.
pocmloc, Jan 18 2022

       Hey, that's pretty interesting. Let me take a good thing and see if I can wreck it just a little bit.   

       Which witch watches watches,   

       wrests watches from wrists?   

       A watch watcher witch   

       with a watch washer wish.   


       So if you don't want your watch stolen be on the lookout for a witch staring at your watch and dreaming of stealing if from you and cleaning it.   

       I'm going back to bed.
doctorremulac3, Jan 18 2022

       //Before most people could read and write rhymes were used to pass along information.//

I can testify to the effectiveness of this method. Back in the days of my youth, in the long lost days of 1970-something & when literacy was still quite common, the UK government issued a set of rhymes to help people convert from imperial measurement to metric. I can still remember them, & use them, to this day...

A litre of water's
A pint & three quarters

Two & a quarter pounds of jam
weigh about a kilogram.

A metre equals three foot three.
It's longer than a yard, you see!
DrBob, Jan 18 2022

       Before printed newspapers roving minstrels would come into the village and sing the news in such a way as for it to be easily memorized and repeated.   

       Not sure what it's called but when you associate something with something else it uses a bigger part of your brain or something.   

       I just impressed my wife by reading back about 20 random objects I memorized about a month and a half ago when we were on vacation. You do that thing where you have objects that you've memorized that you associate with the object you're supposed to memorize, the more bizarre the juxtaposition the better.   

       So I use the phonetic radio alphabet, alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo, foxtrot etc. and associate whatever I'm supposed to memorize with the already memorized object.   

       So the objects were:   

       Sewing machine - Picture Alfalfa from Little Rascals Sewing   

       Key - Bravo, a big key in a stadium with everybody cheering it.   

       Chess piece - Charlie, friend of mine who plays chess.   

       Book - Delta, a massive book covering hundreds of square miles of the delta waterway inland from me.   

       Etc. Try it, learn your objects, then have somebody show you 20, 30 or more objects, mull over them for a few minutes then hand the picture of the objects back to the person you're trying to impress. Then do the same thing a couple of months later. You might miss a couple but you'll get most of them.   

       If that can't get you to score with the chicks sorry, can't help ya.
doctorremulac3, Jan 19 2022

       Before people could read and write rhymes,
they were used to pass information.

       Now that idea is actually worth a few dimes
because I always thought people were in formation.

       I hadn't thought of them being used for anything,
let alone passing on something

       although some things are best left alone,
especially if they are in for summation.
pashute, Jan 21 2022

       the universe, an everything, is something quite compelling.
especially when write about the corner you have spelling.
pashute, Jan 21 2022

       Person, woman, man, camera, TV...
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2022

       Once a pun a dime their was a man who never mulled.
Its not because he didn't want to, its just because of null.
Of null? You ask, and rightly so, what does that have to do?
I'll tell you: no thing what so ever, and that includes you too.
pashute, Jan 21 2022


       Eh, that's not sarong.
pertinax, Jan 21 2022

       Chairman chokes on juice here when
he does not see the seeds.
He tries to hear the news and finds
that German Jews here have needs.

       He kneads some bread, and reads a thick book,
and sings to himself a nice hymn.
about Rene V. Blew during World War Two
defying the Nazi Ray Jim.

       Mary Chris was married to
Sir (Service) Hugh Albright.
Alon Sharq borrowed a dollar from Penny.
required for the choir piece he’d write.

       Shy Away was contemplating
crossing the red sea by kite.
Sue Hymn hired Alon Sharq
to sew her a sweater all right.

       Itsik Spensive bought the sweater
that fell into the sewer,
and Sue Hymn took him home that night
before he tried to sue her.

       Haim Knot was a knight who said:
“Tonight I am not what you think.”
And Sari said “I’m sorry to say,
are you sure that color is pink?”

       Arye Shur wore spectacles,
but was skeptical of what he saw.
He sawed away any wood in his way
before he would withdraw.

       Samantha Twitch was a very mean witch
who could inflict on you a spell.
But since Covid 19 she lost her sense of smell which
brought loss of taste for good poetry as well.
pashute, Jan 25 2022


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