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Potato Couch Excercycle

Puts screen saver on TV or PC when you stop moving
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Also saves electricity by using the energy from the bicycle.

(This is my daughter's idea, which she hopes can be baked before I become glued to my seat). According to her, a LCD screen typically needs very little electricity, and could be powered by a small UPS device. Cycle will also control a small USB line to the PC.

pashute, Feb 19 2009

GetMoving ErgoDevice for PC GetMoving ErgoDevice for PC
Similar idea of mine [pashute, Mar 11 2010]


       I was going to ask how you think this will possibly be taken up by its target market, when I realised: market the device to younger girls, who will swiftly arrange installation for the (compulsory) use of their elders. [+]
pocmloc, Mar 12 2010

       My daughter put up a sign on my desk: Did you remember the software? Meaning stretch.com.
pashute, Jul 03 2013


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