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Potato Skins

Cunning disguises for things which aren't potatoes
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Empty potato skins are collected from rubbish bins by specially trained squirrels. Then, they can be sold to people who want to disguise things as potatoes.
moomintroll, Nov 11 2005

Would these work? Reusable_20Potato_20Jacket
[half, Nov 11 2005]


       o.k. for things that are the same size and shape as potatoes but I think you overlook the advantages of other vegetables. carrots would be a good disguise for <cough> perhaps not ... and onions for smaller things and cabbages for kings...   

       moomin, honey. are you feeling alright?
po, Nov 11 2005

       i like to eat the potato skins. not after they've been in the bin though
daaisy, Nov 11 2005

       I was unaware there are people who don’t eat them. Around here you can order just the skins, as an appetizer at restaurants.
Shz, Nov 11 2005

       hey keep up, this is a disguise idea   

       mmm, skins.
po, Nov 11 2005

       Might make for clever french fry packaging.
half, Nov 11 2005

       Ah, yes. I would like to disguise my car as a potato. Right now it’s a lemon.
Shz, Nov 11 2005

       you need a fecking great citrus fruit, right?   

       sympathy - so is mine.
po, Nov 11 2005

       Mmm, citrus.
Shz, Nov 11 2005

       I'm fine, thank you [po], I was just in a very silly mood earlier. Although even now several hours later I still find myself giggling at it, so there's a chance that it's actually funny.
moomintroll, Nov 11 2005

       ....and why is it everyone's skimmed straight over the small matter of...'the squirrels'
daaisy, Nov 11 2005

       yeah the squrrel dimenstion is a bit disturbing...
shinobi, Nov 12 2005

       Well, they're definitly cute.
daseva, Nov 12 2005

       I'd like to disguise how much I like this idea.
po, Nov 12 2005

       Great novelty mobile phone cover.
Jinbish, Nov 13 2005


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