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Power Saving Wall Adapter

Smart wall adapter shut down with no appliance in use
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AC wall adapters and power bricks consume a huge amount of energy, whether the appliance is in use or not. This concept would be a ac adapter in communication with the appliance, and would sense user activity. The protocol would allow for periodic, synchronized sense of load; otherwise, the adapter draws little or no power from the mains.
molecat, Feb 25 2007

LCG3 "Smart Power Strip" http://www.amazon.c...ction/dp/B0006PUDQK
When the controlling outlet starts drawing less power, the secondary outlets are switched off. [jutta, Feb 25 2007]

Mini Power Minder http://www.cyberguy....asp?productID=6576
USB connection tells it when the computer boots and shuts down; power to a second outlet is switched based on that. Plug peripherals into a power strip, and the strip into the secondary outlet. [jutta, Feb 25 2007]

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       So-called "Vampire devices" such as cable tv boxes, stereos, televisions and chargers for laptops and cell phones use power when not in use. [+]
nuclear hobo, Feb 25 2007

       You don't actually have to talk to the appliance - busy appliances draw more current. This is exploited by the "Smart Power Strip" series (with or without surge protection); see link. A more minimal form that does use a separate communication line is the "Mini Power Minder", see second link.
jutta, Feb 25 2007

       Never seen this on something AC powered, but the 12 volt DC cellphone charger I use in the car does shut itself off when the phone is not connected. [+].
batou, Feb 26 2007


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