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'reverse phase change roof'

Using phase change material to cool a building in hot clime
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this idea is based on the principle of phase change materials. As a material moves from solid to liquid state it absorbs radiates heat according due to change in state of material. Phase change meterials have been used to heat buildings i want to suggets/know if there is a way to use this process in reverse to cool them? If the material required a lot of energy to change it from solid to liquid it would cool the air falling through it, anyone know what this material substance would be. Some thing more effective than ice please!
dom, Nov 17 2005

Phase change insulation in walls http://www.treehugg...wax_in_the_wall.php
[gnomethang, Nov 17 2005]


       "Aw, mom, the cat's stuck in the roof again!"
DrCurry, Nov 17 2005

       This has been created already. I read an article a few months ago in the Times magazine about a company that has developed a plasterboard wall that has a honeycomb of wax capsules in it. I will try to google for it.   

       **Edit** - two minutes later.. attached link.
gnomethang, Nov 17 2005

       Phase change materials tend to keep the temperature close to the one at which the phase change occurs. It acts as kind of a buffer. If you want one to keep you cool during the day, you have to choose one where the temperature of the phase change is somewhat below daytime temperatures and somewhat above nighttime temperatures. If you want something to cool you day and night, this isn't what you're looking for. It will change phase once during the day and wil be "used up" by night time. It won't serve its purpose again until it's had the chance to cool down.
NoOneYouKnow, Nov 19 2005

po, Nov 19 2005


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