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Predictive eMail

Count down to your next mail
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If your anything like me (and your sake I hope your not), but when you have sent an email, you tend to sit there and every few minutes hit "check for mail" to see if they have replied yet.

How about a little program that will learn the email replying habits of your friends/business associates, and will have a little count down to when you can expect the next mail from them.

For example, Bob always replys to mail when he gets in, in the morning, so it's usually on my desk by about 9:30am. However the reply to that mail usually isn't replied to by him before about 11am when he has a tea break and answers his personal mail, so it usually arrives on my desk at about 11:10am .. the counter could count down to when I could expect mail from Bob... as an example.


HoTWire, Aug 09 2000


       If your friends are anything like mine then no computer would be able to predict their movements.
What's needed, I think, is a little program that checks your email every 30mins or so - it dials up and connects silently in the background while you're using Photoshop or playing Tomb Raider - checks if you have mail, and then logs off.
I think my friend Ben must be something like you, though - he sends me a text message on my mobile to let me know he's sent me an email.
Jim, Aug 10 2000

       Forget blind prediction -- it should also use their idle time, input from cameras in their bedroom (are they awake yet?), and so on. The privacy issues are "addressed" by boiling all this data down into a single e-mail timer.
egnor, Aug 10 2000

       On your browser: hit configure [options]
This will bring you to something akin to a Manager Profile.
Select: Mail
Check: Check for incoming mail every___minutes
Turn on your speakers: Little voice or sound will let you know...
Fairly self-explanatory & it's a good thing, because I'm a moron.
P.S. With all the free time you claim to have, learn guitar.
thumbwax, Sep 21 2000


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