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Premium rate number intellectual property

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Imagine you have devised an idea, call it Idea X.

If you go the conventional route, ie filing the patent, then you may, or may not, get money for the idea, as anyone can look up patent applications.

Simply by filing your idea with the NMRM Corp premium rate line means you are more likely to make money from that 'mouse and piece of cheese-powered roulette wheel'.

For a moderate extra charge, you get to choose the voice chip, so it could be Professor Farnsworth, or Mickey Mouse, as you like.

not_morrison_rm, Mar 24 2017

This NMRM ? http://www.nmrm.memberlodge.org
The National Motorcycle Rider's Memorial Association is a 501.(c)(3) organization. [popbottle, Mar 25 2017]


       "Theory Why" followed by "Theory Exactly".
popbottle, Mar 25 2017


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