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Prepaid Credit Cards With Structured Income Source

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For those who wants to experiment with the concept of "Credit Cards For The Homeless", or who have kids that they don't trust with a big lump of cash.

This is a prepaid credit card. However the issue with normal prepaid credit cards, is they tend to be just like a normal prepaid card. All the funds are accessible at any time.

What if you can insert a few thousands of dollars into a "holding account" in the card, and have it transferred in a steady amount of your own choosing each day.

Since the users of the card might not have access to a screen, it will optionally have it's own eink display to display the current amount in the card.

The owner of the card, has the ability to monitor the transaction at any time, but cannot remove the funds. They can be optionally alerted if the funds draws down a certain amount, to which they can choose to either renew, or not renew. If not renewed, the user will be alerted that the card will run out in the near future.


Yea I know you can technically do auto transfer from your bank to this card manually. But for stuff like this, I want a fire and forget kind of thing. But I still am interested in monitoring it, and maybe collating it in an json api to gather statistics etc...

mofosyne, Dec 02 2014

Credit Cards For The Homeless Credit_20Cards_20For_20The_20Homeless
This is essentally the same idea, except this particular idea is government managed specifically for homeless. While this page's card can be used for kids or anybody. [mofosyne, Dec 02 2014]


       How is a regularly scheduled automatic transfer from another account *not* fire and forget?
BunsenHoneydew, Dec 03 2014


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