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Silly Putty Currency

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You get a lump of putty from the bank worth x pounds/dollars/whatever, and to pay for stuff, you simply break off the relevant amount.
If someone gives you money, you simply add it to the ball.
Different colours equal different values, so you need not carry huge lumps to make large purchases.
Some kind of chemical analysis would deal with forgeries etc.

Plus, it bounces!

MikeOliver, May 02 2006

(?) Illustration http://scaryjim.mul...tos%2Fphoto%2F5%2F1
[fridge duck, May 04 2006]


       Just be careful if your gran offers you a toffee, her eyesight may not be what it was ..
kuupuuluu, May 02 2006

       + I like it, but will we have to carry those little plastic eggs as wallets?
xandram, May 02 2006

       My pocket is full of change and it won't wash out...
notmarkflynn, May 02 2006

       There will be people trying to make gold out of the base colors.
ldischler, May 02 2006

       Would counterfeiting be done by placing your money against color-inked paper?
shapu, May 02 2006

       "I'm sorry sir, we can't accept this silly putty check. It bounced."
AfroAssault, May 02 2006

       Harharhar. Funny to see you bouncing around the HB, [Afro].
Letsbuildafort, May 02 2006

       Good one, [AfroAssault]. Good to see you.   

       Can we get little decorated molds to squish out precise amounts of putty?
baconbrain, May 02 2006

       I could see this extrude out of an atm, could you select different shapes?   

       In all fairness isn't gold very similar?
sartep, May 03 2006

       ATM machines would take the form of the Play Doh fun factory, where you slide the slider thing to make different shaped putty worms!

       "In all fairness isn't gold very similar?" - You must have had very rich parents!
MikeOliver, May 03 2006

       I want to add something, but I can't. I've got to go cash this... ball of silly putty? [+]
daseva, May 03 2006

       [MikeOliver] I was refering to 24 carat gold's properties of malleability and ductility.
sartep, May 03 2006

       But does it bounce?
MikeOliver, May 03 2006

       Not very well.
sartep, May 03 2006

       <snickers at [startep]'s parents not being able to afford the bouncy 24 carat gold>
methinksnot, May 03 2006

       Of course we'll have to abandon the phrase "hard cash".
5th Earth, May 05 2006

       And concepts like liquidity in favour of: Fluidity.
methinksnot, May 05 2006


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