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Pressure sensitive camouflage

Boil fatigues, freeze, and thaw.
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Micro pockets filled with a supersaturated solution of Sodium Acetate cause localized areas of heat around an impact site.
Thermochromatic dye in the fabric translates this heat into visible splatter marks for more realistic airsoft games.

No more being able to pretend you weren't hit just because you can take the pain.


       You deserve a big pat on the back.
lurch, Jun 28 2010


       Each micro pocket would have a small bent bi-metalic strip that orients its apex outwards during boiling to only trigger at a certain feet per second impact. Any color changes on elbows and knees and such won't show any more than the mud and crap currently visible so we'll leave those areas un-sensitive.
I also think that roundish polka dots would stand out clearly against rolling and diving marks.

       I'll have to have my people get back to your people on those concerns.
Unfortunately I can't thimk of a way to make subsequent strikes show twice without a strictly pressure sensitive fabric. That's what I was shooting for, but I don't know how it could be possible.


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