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Pretty QR

use each dot of a QR glyph as the center of a circle or other appealing shape, the software easily calculates center from radius does QR anyway
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Those QR things look kinda ...square. visualize an app that can read obvious software elaborations of a QR map

thus a pretty anime girl might have a bunch of pastel circles near her like cheerful bubbles The software does the obvious location of center from visible radius points to regenerate a QR map

the updated QR reader recognizes hundreds of simple geometric elaborations from the qr dot pattern. The photoshop add on lets graphic creators make scenery as well as motif friendly QRfunctionalikes

pretty pretty pretty useful

then a graphics professional remembers the cumulatively appreciated glyphs from the "electric sheep" program. The geometric primatives are among those humans most like viewing, thus there are QR workalikes that are actually proven to be visually appealing. People get used to the idea "that whirly thing thats more visually appealing than the rest of the ad is the URL" to make their pictures

beanangel, Nov 23 2011

electric sheep (graphics primitives that use a genetic algorithm with human appreciativeness to become visually desirable to humans) http://www.youtube....watch?v=R1szBD_urE4
[beanangel, Nov 23 2011]


       hmmmm well, I put a QR glyph at paint, then although the circle draw didn't actually work that way, it certainly appeared possible to create semitransparent or circumfrence only circles that would permit retracing to the source glyph
beanangel, Nov 24 2011


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