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Red Nose Removal

Edit those beach pics!
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Eeryone knows about red eye removal. It's great, nobody looks like the devil anymore in their vacation pics. But we are still left with a race of rudolphs and I for one wouldn't be caught standing for it. So there you go. Red nose removal. Yeah, I know you can do it with photoshop, but I want to see it as a clean and simple option alongside the red eye removal.
daseva, Sep 14 2008


       it won't put a little pink piggy nose in its place will it?
po, Sep 15 2008

       Nose conversion technology is scheduled for the 2009 updated version, [po]. Beta testing is under way for rosy cheek removal, and we are very proud of our unknown fungal outbreak on the skin from an undisclosed location south of the phillipines. removal.
daseva, Sep 15 2008

       My assumption was that this would apply much better to the Christmas pictures of "Uncle Joey"; the career alcoholic.
James Newton, Sep 15 2008

       A selection of "famous" noses perhaps?
superjohn, Sep 17 2008

       Christopher Lee.   

       Oh - just got it.
wagster, Sep 17 2008

       ewww, then where did you put it?
xandram, Sep 18 2008

       Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.   

       Very shiny glowing nose.
popbottle, Apr 09 2014


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