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Pretty fans for men

Are you passing wind or just happy to see me?
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There being some quaint taboo against men shaking painted fans in public, the whole thing should be gee-whizbanged to the maximum.

So, an array of artfully painted blades designed to look like splayed bamboo (?) fans will be put behind the cage of handheld and larger electronic fans.

Also, a series of such painted splayed blades could be installed inside reinforced "umbrellas".

4and20, Jul 18 2021

Options... https://www.google....ADBQQ4dUDCAc&uact=5
"Weaponised" fans (for both men and femme-fatales...) [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 18 2021]

Iron battle fans! https://en.wikipedi...ki/Japanese_war_fan
I for one would love to see a resurgence of tessenjutsu [mace, Jul 22 2021]


       Oh I thought you meant groupies, hangers-on, and associated admirers. Now I think of it, many of mine are actually quite pretty, but not all.
pocmloc, Jul 18 2021

       + love it, but I too, would love to sport a Samurai fan!
xandram, Jul 18 2021

       "gee-whizbanged" OMG, a new statement to adorn my love letters with. You are one missing baker. Where the hell you been?   

       I love the blades. Macho, and functional. Yes.
blissmiss, Jul 18 2021

       are the blades sharp?
po, Jul 22 2021

       Are they sharp? What would be the point otherwise?
a1, Jul 22 2021

       You funny. If the blades weren't sharp they'd be "metal strips". Right???
blissmiss, Jul 22 2021

       Although many standard fan blades already have tapered ends, they can still be painted to look sharp.
4and20, Jul 22 2021

       Technical term for a metal strip that is not sharp: "Sharpenable"
pocmloc, Jul 22 2021

       Technical term for a metal strip that has been made sharp: "Ensharpened".
DrBob, Jul 23 2021


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