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Kaleidoscope Ceiling Fans

chill out!
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Ceiling fans feature slow moving blades driven from a central rotor. The idea is to make them more interactive. This is achieved by incorporating a set of kaleidoscopes in the fan's assemblage.

A crown wheel is added to the fan's circumference containing three downwardly pointing kaleidoscopes, each of which has a built in light source to enable the intersecting pattern of colours and shapes to be projected unto the room below.

The action of the crown wheel causes the kaleidoscopes to individually rotate, but also orbit the fan's central axis. The combination of these movements should ensure a series of infinite patterns.

Will only work with slow blades and not rapid fans. Best enjoyed in a darkened room on a warm evening with appropriately ambient music. Phil Niblock would be my natural choice.

xenzag, Oct 18 2012


       Lovely Idea. +
blissmiss, Oct 18 2012

       + arsty and great for people on drugs!
xandram, Oct 18 2012


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