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Previous Channel Queue

Make the Prev Chan cycle through more than 2 channels
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Yes, I know satellite TV allows you to customize your channel lineup on the menu, I want something that works faster and is more intuitive. Rather than have the current channel listed as the previous channel when you switch, I want it only to as channels i specify to the list. My current design is to have a menu or other indicator activate when you press the P.C. button, and then pressing an adjacent button ("mute," in my case) will add taht channel to the list, while presing the PC button again will start cycling through the list. Of course, there should also be a button for clearing the list, or removing one channel from the list.

I want this primarily so that, when I'm watching something on one channel, I can cycle through the music channels during commercial breaks.

i'm certain this has been baked somewhere, but i have yet to see it.

nick_n_uit, Jun 27 2001


       Mostly baked. My Sony has a one-button popup list of either the last 5 channels you've watched, or 5 fixed favourite channels. But you have to bring up the list and select one, it doesn't have a one button way to cycle through the set. That would be a nice addition.
TickleMeElmo, Jun 28 2001


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