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Prison volunteers

People should be able to volunteer to go to prison instead of having to commit a crime
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People should be allowed to go into prison if they choose to. Currently to my understanding the main way to get into prison is having to commit a crime. If we allowed people to voluntarily go into prison we would reduce crime rates as people wouldn't need to commit crimes in the first place to get into prison. I giuess i may be assuming that people actually WANT to go to prison, it wouldn't quite work otherwise
longan, Oct 25 2002


       Let's see. Free TV, Free Food. Work for small personal benefit. Possibility of unwanted sexual advances without protection. Excessive cost to Taxpayers. Overcrowded cells. Prohibition from seeing loved ones. Possibility of regular violence against ones person. No or limited Computer Access *horror*
CrumbsDM, Oct 25 2002

       You are free to donate your money to your city or state and don't have to get a parking ticket or a fine for some minor misdemeanor to get rid of your dollars. So if only for keeping the system logical the proposal makes sense.   

       On the other hand, once you got your master degree you're not allowed in the kindergarten any more. Or are you? I'll have to check one of these days. This time they won't push me off the swing so easily.
Toto Anders, Dec 14 2014

       I wonder how much would it cost to just pay people directly to not offend. Thought I would imagine many victims would object to that rightfully (So probably can only apply to victimless crimes, like being homeless).
mofosyne, Dec 14 2014

       Homeless people sometimes commit crimes for the purpose of getting put in jail, so they have food and a bed. But I think that's a better argument for establishing/expanding homeless shelters than it is for allowing imprisonment for nothing.   

       // I wonder how much would it cost to just pay people directly to not offend. //   


       Edit: The currency sign works, but the infinity one doesn't? More like halfbuiltbakery…
notexactly, Mar 05 2016

       WKTE: monasteries
pertinax, Mar 06 2016


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