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Privacy filter lenses

Nonpolarized privacy lenses
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With the threat of Eye scan cams looming on the horizon, data security requires constant adaptation to emerging security threats. These are glasses one can wear while working at a computer, similar in appearance and function to those blue light lenses used to reduce eyestrain and headaches. They have a nonreflective outer surface to prevent your lenses from revealing via reflection what it is you are looking at onscreen.
21 Quest, Jun 17 2022

Anti-reflective coatings WKTE https://en.wikipedi...-reflective_coating
Many coatings consist of transparent thin film structures with alternating layers of contrasting refractive index. [a1, Jun 17 2022]


       What is it about the outer surface which makes it non- reflective?
pertinax, Jun 17 2022

       Antireflective coatings.
21 Quest, Jun 17 2022

       [a1] are you aware of any glasses marketed for computer use to reduce eyestrain with such properties?
21 Quest, Jun 17 2022

       Non-reflective coatings are good, but I think it would be better to use the shape instead. A full hemisphere might work (reflecting too much of the world so the screen reflection would be small) or perhaps a severe slope, so the persons lap is what is reflected. Transmitted light wouldn't be affected (much) if the inside & outside surfaces are parallel.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 19 2022


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