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Projected Piano Keys

Play beautiful music on any flat surface. *Ba ba ba BUUMMMM....*
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There's a product on the market or coming to market that projects a computer keyboard onto a flat surface. See link.

I see no reason why it couldn't be utilized to project a keyboard of the musical sort as well. With the myriad different sounds that an electric keyboard can produce, one could carry a full orcestra in their very suitcase, nay, pocket even.

Eugene, Mar 27 2004

This link. http://www.alpern.o...ctionKeyboards.html
Sorry, forgot to include my evidence. [Eugene, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Pianissimo might be a little tough.
bristolz, Mar 27 2004

       Well, maybe a volume control key or some such could be added.
Eugene, Mar 27 2004

       Foot pedals an optional extra.
gnomethang, Mar 27 2004

       That would be pretty excellent.
maabbott88, Mar 27 2004

       Sorry about the initial lack of link.
Eugene, Mar 28 2004

       [Eugene], after playing the piano (at times professionally) for the vast majority of my life, the projected piano keys just struck a "chord" with me.   

       Without tactile feedback from the weighting of the keys on a piano, you'll completely lose your ability to control the dynamics (loud and soft) as you play. At least with any worthwhile precision. This is why keyboard manufacturers (i.e. Roland, Kurtzweil, Korg, etc) go to such lengths to weight the keys and simulate actual piano action.   

       You're idea would work, but I wouldn't call it an instrument -- much less an orchestra... "toy" suits it.   

       It might be useful as a training aid too, but how do you propose getting around the parallax issue and the "keystoning" to get a decent piano keyboard?
zigness, Mar 28 2004

       Ah...gee golly, good thing I didn't suggest the projected guitar strings...   

       Toy is fine. The main advantage of this is portability.
Eugene, Mar 28 2004


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