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Pronged Antiperspirant Applicator

Quick antiperspirant application for people with busy schedules
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Antiperspirant sticks clip onto the end of two prongs, which meet together at a handle. Adjust the width of the fork so that both sticks simultaneously meet your underarms.
spiraliii, Mar 08 2007


       This is the kind of thing that WOULD have been in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure if they'd thought about it. [+]
shapu, Mar 08 2007

       I can't think of a situation where the awkwardness of trying to use such a device would be better than the extra time it takes to swipe both pits, but I'll bun this for the sheer wackiness value.
Freefall, Mar 08 2007

       Once could have a stick of Butchwax in the middle.
bungston, Mar 08 2007

       I never wanted to butchwax my manly bits, but a nice no-lye relaxer might allow a wider range of styles...   

       Not a pronged applicator, just two applicators, one on either side of the bathroom door. Step through on your way out of the shower, and you're done.
elhigh, Mar 14 2007


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