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Proper CD Burner

Get rid of the anti-climax of CD burning
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Imagine the scene...your standard geek is sitting in a dark room copying a CD in his CD burner.

His machine whirls and whizzes, and as the timer on screen slowly descends the anticipation grows.It reaches zero, and the machine....

Gently ejects the CD, which isn't even warm.

This is not the away it should be. I propose that all CD burners should have smoke machines and heaters installed, so that once a CD is burned dramatic smoke is emitted from the drawer, and you have to pick up the new CD using tongs and large leather gloves, before dipping it in water. No more anti-climax, but a real sense of achievement...

babychaos, Apr 20 2001

Use a couple of these... http://www.halfbake...dea/Bay_20Ha_20Plug
... and hopefully avoid any real damage to the data. [absterge, Apr 20 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I like this. Sort of analogous to a blacksmith operation. Maybe the CD should come out a little warped from the heat, and the user has to pound on it with a hammer to proper "work the metal" and make the CD flat again.   

       Of course, you'd need a lot of white-hot intense light leaking from your computer through the cracks. One of the CD bays below the burner should need to be stoked with hot coals to improve the burning process. A pair of bellows would also be a welcome addition.
Wes, Apr 20 2001

       One thing I've realized about adding theatrics to repetative actions is that they really get corny after a while. Don't you think the people in the Star Trek universe eventually get sick of their beeping keyboards? If I had one of these and did a lot of burning I'd eventually think to myself "Again with the smoke and the scalded hands. Alright already."   

       But perhaps I'm just a spoilsport.
centauri, Apr 20 2001

       centauri, the effects could be turned off in a preferences panel (or maybe a jumper on the back of the drive), but they would default to 'on'.   

       In general I think computers need a lot more bells and whistles of this sort, to keep up with the way they are portrayed in movies and such.
wiml, Apr 20 2001

       If you know it's fake, it's just going to get pathetic and annoying after a while.
centauri, Apr 20 2001

       Best congrats, Rods Tiger.   

       babychaos: maybe we could make a CD burner which would burn all those free AOL CDs and heat a house? Without poisoning the inhabitants with Bad Interface Fumes?
Dog Ed, Apr 21 2001

       Rodstiger, that is essentially how traditional (non-redordable) CDs are made. A plate is imaged and then etched (photo-resist causes the plate to be etched in the pattern that was imaged) to produce a "master". CD blanks are then stamped with this master, then coated with a thin layer of aluminum, a protective layer of plastic, and a printed label. and voila, a CD. The master is kind of expensive, but individual CDs cost a few cents.   

       Recordable CDs are different of co
wiml, Apr 21 2001

       I thought this was going to be some disposal device for all the useless Oasis and Blur CDs that are laying around unplayed.
Op, Apr 24 2001

       someone.... just.... do this. please. I need it.
user24, Feb 22 2004


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