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Psychedelic Autopsy

Blue flesh, red bones
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Apparent fact number one: In the middle of the last century, a number of homeless men in NYC were found to have turned sky blue. It emerged that a soup kitchen had accidentally poisoned them with sodium nitrite.
Apparent fact number two: consumption of the non-toxic dye plant Rubia tinctorum, madder, gradually stains the bones permanently red.
Therefore, if one were to consume madder throughout one's life and finally commit suicide by taking sodium nitrite, one would dye one's flesh blue and one's bones red. Imagine the experience of conducting an autopsy on such a corpse.
nineteenthly, Jul 16 2006

Possible urban myth on which this is based http://lilt.ilstu.e...anc/ROUECHE.00.html
Blue death [nineteenthly, Jul 16 2006]

Von Hagens kinda baked this. http://www.bodyworl...ther_von_hagens.asp
[po, Jul 17 2006]


       i would prefer not to imagine performing an autopsy on even a normal corpse. bleh. this idea seems to have little widespread use except maybe to help coroners in identifying bones.
tcarson, Jul 16 2006

       did someone say my name?
bleh, Jul 17 2006

       not in relation to you in particular [bleh].
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       ...or to imagine performing an autopsy whilst on LSD...
xandram, Jul 17 2006

       //this idea seems to have little widespread use// Is that an objection or just an observation?
wagster, Jul 17 2006

       just an observation. i don't really have any objections, except if this were used on me.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006


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