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Psychedelic Autopsy

Blue flesh, red bones
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Apparent fact number one: In the middle of the last century, a number of homeless men in NYC were found to have turned sky blue. It emerged that a soup kitchen had accidentally poisoned them with sodium nitrite.
Apparent fact number two: consumption of the non-toxic dye plant Rubia tinctorum, madder, gradually stains the bones permanently red.
Therefore, if one were to consume madder throughout one's life and finally commit suicide by taking sodium nitrite, one would dye one's flesh blue and one's bones red. Imagine the experience of conducting an autopsy on such a corpse.
nineteenthly, Jul 16 2006

(?) Possible urban myth on which this is based http://lilt.ilstu.e...anc/ROUECHE.00.html
Blue death [nineteenthly, Jul 16 2006]

Von Hagens kinda baked this. http://www.bodyworl...ther_von_hagens.asp
[po, Jul 17 2006]

(archived) Possible urban myth https://web.archive...anc/ROUECHE.00.html
Eleven Blue Men [a1, Jan 19 2024, last modified Jan 20 2024]

Effects of colloidal silver https://en.wikipedi...g/wiki/Paul_Karason
Why not involve the skin, too? [Wrongfellow, Jan 30 2024]

Post Mortem party https://www.thepost.../belfast-sold-out-2
[xenzag, Jan 30 2024]

Bodyworlds - also popular https://bodyworlds.com/
For the more delicate folks [a1, Jan 30 2024]


       i would prefer not to imagine performing an autopsy on even a normal corpse. bleh. this idea seems to have little widespread use except maybe to help coroners in identifying bones.
tcarson, Jul 16 2006

       did someone say my name?
bleh, Jul 17 2006

       not in relation to you in particular [bleh].
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       ...or to imagine performing an autopsy whilst on LSD...
xandram, Jul 17 2006

       //this idea seems to have little widespread use// Is that an objection or just an observation?
wagster, Jul 17 2006

       just an observation. i don't really have any objections, except if this were used on me.
tcarson, Jul 17 2006

       I had a friend, who under Doctor's supervision was prescribed copper supplements, their skin turned a pretty green hue
dougp01, Jan 18 2024

       // i don't really have any objections, except if this were used on me. //   

       Unless the procedure was premature, you'd be a bit late to have any objections.
a1, Jan 19 2024

       This is gruesome, and it would serve no purpose whatsoever. [+]
Voice, Jan 19 2024

       I think more research is needed into the little-known Urgpban mythos.   

       "Blue Flesh, Red Bones, Golden Bough" will be hitting the shelves before you know it.
pertinax, Jan 20 2024

       Add some colloidal silver into the mix, and you can turn your skin purple, too. [link]
Wrongfellow, Jan 30 2024

       Definitely approved.
xenzag, Jan 30 2024

       [nineteenthly] have you seen an autopsy? You might want to watch a video of one. They're pretty disturbing.
Voice, Jan 30 2024

       Where I live you can attend an autopsy party. My dentist went to one for Christmas. see link.
xenzag, Jan 30 2024

       "Live human body dissection"?   

       I'm not sure "autopsy" is the right word unless they're dead.
Wrongfellow, Jan 30 2024

       [xenzag] Autopsy PARTY? Do they hire a medical comedian who keeps them in stitches? Do they draw straws to see who is on the table, like a kind of Mayo Roulette? I can't see a full dinner being served, maybe just finger sandwiches and a nice blood pudding.   

       Where do you live? Scary for you?
minoradjustments, Jan 30 2024

       Not a problem for me. I often took my students for a day's drawing in the dissection room at the college of surgeons. The smell of formaldehyde was the worst part of it. Bodies are not enfused with bright colours so this idea would be great. As regards the post mortem party - read the details in the link. It sells out all over the UK.
xenzag, Jan 30 2024

       Bodyworlds (link) is also popular for people who can't handle the smell.
a1, Jan 31 2024

       [Voice], not first hand (I've dissected plenty of mice, frogs etc), but yes, I saw the one shown on 'A Body In Question' in 1978.   

       It could be educational.   

       [a1], I remember doing quite a lot of reading up on the plasticisation process in Bodyworlds for a story, but I can't remember why.
nineteenthly, Jan 31 2024

       [+] for the idea. [xenzag] I have drawn the dead. I have drawn the living. The dead are so…dead. Some of the very best drawings in history are the anatomical detail sketches in notebooks and the margins of other works. I marveled. But a PARTY? It is obscene, in my view, to have died on the street from malnutrition or alcoholism or any addiction, be carted off to a cooler where they can’t find your identity or any connections, be assigned a drawer at the morgue until you end up in Potter’s Field. But WAIT! You will not achieve your ignominious reward of eternal peace because, unbeknownst to you (of course you are dead, right?), some promoter has paid to use your carcass as the centerpiece in a PARTY. If only you knew that flouncy airheads sipping Chardonnay would be twittering that this party is the bomb, dear, you really should have come, we haven’t had this much fun since we chased that cripple with Down’s Syndrome off the cliff. I saw the ad. The best seats are sold out. Now your £45 means you’ll have to sit way back in the gallery where you’ll need your opera glasses to see the ovaries clearly.   

       I have no reverence for the dead, nor do I worship them. When I die I want to be smoked like a ham and set in the corner on a rocker. But that’s what I want. Without their intention or permission, what further insult can you conjure for the indigent dead that would be worse than the life they led? Oh we’ll think of something. Maybe a PARTY where we chop them up for “educational” reasons and serve canapés. Crass, ugly (not the body, the attendees!), and entitled beyond belief.
minoradjustments, Jan 31 2024

       I was surprised when I first heard that such an event existed, but there's no accounting for what entertains people. Public executions used to be very popular and are still well attended in certain mad countries. Even in the USA there is an audience. It would never be my party choice....
xenzag, Jan 31 2024


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