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Public Shower Tepmerature

The appropriate temperature that would cause the general shower taker to take the perfect length of shower.
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What is the perfect temperature for shower water in public areas that encourages people to take shorter showers, while not being too cold to discourage them? (not wasting vs not enjoyable/functional)
jpskiier, Mar 06 2013


       Try ask.com, dude. The Halfbakery isn't for providing answers, it's a fission reactor fueled by unstable questions.
Alterother, Mar 06 2013

       [marked-for-deletion] not an idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2013

       Warmer than room temperature but cooler than body temperature so it saps energy, but not so warm as to keep the person from leaving the shower into the surrounding air.
rcarty, Mar 06 2013

       Come live the decadent life over here. Maine is 89% water.* Our well produces about 50 gpm. Sometimes I leave the shower on all day just to drown out the sound of the river.   

       * please bear in mind that Maine is also 74% moose, 51% Democrat, 97% caucasian, and 35% potato.
Alterother, Mar 07 2013

       Will you alternate between these two characters or will there actually be two people?
rcarty, Mar 07 2013

       No, and it really wouldn't matter. Nobody really has an identity to me, and that's the way I like to keep my user experience. Not that I don't like people on a person level, but I really dislike people on a personal level.   

       Afterall, the most anyone can present is their best idea of themselves. Therefore perfectly good effort has to be wasted trying to discover incongruencies between electronic presented image and the slowly oxidizing organic-anatomical being behind the facade.
rcarty, Mar 07 2013

       Uhh… How widespread, exactly, is the problem of people spending excessive amounts of time taking showers in public places?
ytk, Mar 07 2013

       If I had this problem, I would solve in the following way, admittedly complicated, since there is no single temperature that will do what you want:   

       1. A count down display starting at your supposed 'perfect shower time' plus a bit   

       2. A reset time for ' shift change' during which only cold water will come out.   

       3. A sounder to announce the various stages.
Ling, Mar 07 2013

       "Tepmerature" Name given to the type of manoeuvre required to pass another person who is walking towards you on the same narrow plank, balanced between two chairs.
xenzag, Mar 07 2013


       I'm guessing it's a fusion* of TEPCO (them wot runs the Fukushima plants) and tempura.   

       *no pun intended
not_morrison_rm, Mar 08 2013

       The temperature of the water in camping facilities is usually cold. Maybe you can go about the country to National Parks and survey the people as they exit the public showers?
xandram, Mar 08 2013

       Yes, please do!
Alterother, Mar 08 2013

       //survey the people as they exit the public showers   

       Ahh boring, much more fun to hand them the questionnaire while they are still in the shower.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 08 2013

       Based on atleast one camp shower I attended one way of limiting showers is to use the humid environment to house hundreds of tiny tree frogs. The constant chirping and near gelatinous bodies will cause psychological distress, similar to a nightmare where you are naked surrounded by sentient jumping bogies.
rcarty, Mar 08 2013

       // sentient jumping bogies// Sounds like a story about some ex-inlaws( except for the sentient part)
cudgel, Mar 08 2013


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