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Puddin' Skinz

The best part of pudding without the wait!
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You know when you make chocolate pudding and it sort of wanders to the back of the refrigerator? And then, five or six days later as you're searching for the prunes, it just all of a sudden SCOOTs out from behind the ketchup? And it has that thick, chewy layer of concentrated chocolate on top? Yum!

Why not package these cocoa-ey films of goodness individually and sell 'em outright? Hey, Ruffles is trying to grass-roots market new "Tater Skinz" (which they, for some obscene reason, insist upon describing as "fully loaded," whatever that means). Why not "Puddin' Skinz" ?

Maybe they could be packaged like American cheese in cellophane.

Other uses besides snacking:

- Toss on top of a heap of vanilla ice cream for a quick topping!

- Toss on top of a peanut butter sandwich for a tasty shot of carbs along with your protein-and-fat breakfast combo!

- Toss on top of the cat for about ten minutes of lively entertainment!

jester, Sep 01 2001

Blog http://members.spin...HistoryContents.htm
2nd paragraph - January 7 [thumbwax, Sep 01 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

the Seinfeld episode http://www.seinfeld...s.com/TheBlood.html
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You have a comrade on 1st link.
thumbwax, Sep 01 2001

       - Wear to temple. If you're not too busy tossing.
The Military, Sep 01 2001

       I think I'm gonna hurl.
PotatoStew, Sep 01 2001

       Oh good, it's not just me.
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001

       I'm thinking maybe something a little more preserved should be alright, something like maybe a fruit-rollups style, but for pudding, and the chocolate flavour. But that film itself is nasty. It usually tastes like old.
sheekeebut, Sep 01 2001

       I just don't know about all you people. Puddin' Skinz is (are?) good--I like butterscotch. Back in the Stone Age when cold-mix puddings were unknown me mum would heat a pan of milk, put in the pudding mix, and have one of us smaller people stir it until it thickened. As it cooled it formed a nice fresh Puddin' Skin(z?) on top. You can't resist...try to lift it off...OW still hot underneath...but you got a little pinch...mmmm, Puddin' Skinz!
Dog Ed, Sep 02 2001

       Wasn't this on Seinfeld once?
AfroAssault, Sep 03 2001

       That was Muffin Tops. in that episode, the business selling them eventually went broke because they couldn't get rid of the muffin "bottoms".
mrkillboy, Sep 03 2001

       Hehe. I bet companies who make donut holes have a real problem getting rid of those damn pesky donuts, too.
jester, Sep 03 2001

       I remember now, this actually WAS a Seinfeld episode, mrkillboy. George was talking about wanting them and then made his own.
AfroAssault, Sep 03 2001

       Pudding roll-ups!! Like the fruit kind, only smoother and sweeter! A great dessert treat for the younguns' lunchboxes
Sparki, Sep 12 2001

       that is freakin' disgusting!
disarray, Jan 14 2003

       Good idea..but Baked... believe it or not... I was at the grocery store he other day and came across "pudding snacks".. It's chewy pudding in flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Of course, I just HAD to buy them... YUM!!!
F3ArxN03ViL, Apr 01 2003

       i like to eat food. i really do like food...it's all so good.
candide, Jul 23 2003

       Does this come with a free stomach pump?
DeathNinja, Jul 23 2003

       As said before it was a Seinfeld episode -- but they have also been sold -- back in the 80's there were pudding roll-ups. They came in butterscotch and chocolate (or at least that was all I ever had) and were deeee-licious! Same texture as fruit roll-up's but soooooo much better.
theloudamerican, Nov 14 2003

       wouldn't the RSPCA have something to say about you tossing onto the cat?
seedy em, Nov 16 2003

       I agree with the underlying point behind [jester]'s idea - that any food containing liquid benefits from being left for a few days for the liquid to evaporate and leave behind a film/skin/rump of concentrated flavour which is usually thicker in consistency than the rest of the dish. My personal favourite is shepherd's pie (vegetarian of course - no shepherd's died in the making) and I also think it works best with savoury rather than sweet dishes. Mmmm the crusty crunchy mashed potato...
dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003


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