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preformed baked goods filling

drop in frozen cream rings and rods
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ok, we all know that you can inject creams and pudding into a cake or brownie to fill them, but what if you could buy a frozen ring of custard or jello or cream with 4 little "legs" about half an inch long that would support the ring? so imagine you are baking a bundt cake and you pour some batter in the ring, drop in the cream ring thats frozen to be solid, then pour more batter then bake, the ring will slowly melt while the cake bakes around it and when all is warm and baked (like the idea i hope) you have a perfectly placed ring of cream or whatever. alternately, sell a ring mold for making your own rings at home in the freezer.
Arcanus, Mar 26 2010

Cream Cheese Rings Cream_20Cheese_20Rings
Reminds me of this. [Wrongfellow, Mar 29 2010]


       A small problem might be that the cake will not cook consistenly against the frozen part. I've tried to make pancakes with frozen blue berries and some of that batter remains raw around the berries.
xandram, Mar 26 2010

       what if you setup the cake then regridgerate for say half an hour or so, then you could bake it longer and heat more evenly
Arcanus, Mar 26 2010

       then conversely, the heat required to bake the dough will ruin the creme. better to bake, slice, and insert creme or jello rings. put back together, glue seams with frosting or other smeary stuff.
dentworth, Mar 26 2010

       [dentworth] I had some pretty good breaded, fried ice cream last night.
mouseposture, Mar 29 2010

       those are done in a deep fat fryer in most cases, which is fast and doesn't give the i.c. time to melt.
dentworth, Mar 29 2010

       I was just thinking that, Wrongfellow... *sad*
Nelipot, Mar 29 2010

       me too ;-(
blissmiss, Mar 29 2010

       sp: // regridgerate for say half an hour or so //   

       regurgitate for say half an hour or so.   

       Yes, that's much better.
RayfordSteele, Mar 30 2010


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