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Pudendal Apostrophes

Isolate perspectives concerning Little Death.
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W: 'As on dry land, between two crystal walls,/ Awed by the rod of Moses so to stand/ Divided till his rescued gain their shore.'

M: 'Die he or justice must; unless for him/ Some other, able, and as willing, pay/ The rigid satisfaction, death for death.'

**[edit]** The concept is a parody of the 'Vagina Monologues'. The idea is to attribute perspectives to feminine and masculine genitals, convey these perspectives with poetry taken wildly out of context, and encapsulate the poetry with an apostrophic delivery. **[edit]**

(I abase myself before your memory, Milton.)

idyll, May 13 2003

Antipodal Intromission http://www.the-meis...1-028-fire-ice.html
An intimate and brief encounter before extinguishing. [idyll, Oct 17 2004]

(?) La petite mort. http://www.pathol08...002/aout2002/37.htm
Explanation of the term, 'Little Death.' (Babelfish: French to English.) [idyll, Oct 17 2004]


       <Dr. Evil> throw me a freakin' bone here, OK?...</Dr. Evil>
Cedar Park, May 13 2003

       La Petit Catastrophe.
bristolz, May 13 2003

       Both quoted phrases were composed by John Milton and are excerpted from 'Paradise Lost'.
idyll, May 13 2003


       I'm not sure what the idea is here - are you suggesting that one recite poetry on the vinegar strokes?
friendlyfire, May 13 2003

       Totally off topic, but your link made me think of a survival tip.
If you are ever lost in the winter and have no means to make a fire.
You can melt a piece of clear ice between the cupped parts of your palms. It forms a magnifying glass, and on a sunny winter day you can create fire from a piece of ice by using it to magnify sunlight.

       I preferred the idea in its more ambiguous form, but when the mfd rears its hideous head, subtlety must fly to the wind.   

       [friendlyfire]: 1). The above situation consists of a (W)oman's and a (M)an's personified pudenda, each describing their perspective of the climax of intromission.   

       2). I am unaquainted with the meaning of the term 'vinegar strokes'. Perhaps you might explain this peculiar idiom?   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]: your survival tip alone was worth facing [UnaBubba]'s flail of expiry.
idyll, May 13 2003

       Vinegar Strokes was a sitcom in the 70's.
thumbwax, May 13 2003

       Some people. This is a clever and witty parody and made me laugh. Apostrophise this pastry.
egbert, May 13 2003

       "they made me do a bunch of push-ups and then I threw up".
mahatma, May 13 2003

       <Butthead> "Uhh huh huh huh, she said rod" </Butthead>
<Beavis> "Heh heh heh heh, he said rigid" </Beavis>
phoenix, May 13 2003

       Why does everyone have it in for the Vagina Monologues all of a sudden? It's not like they're exactly new.
DrCurry, May 13 2003

       /have it in for the Vagina Monologues /   

       <Butthead> "Uhh huh huh huh" </Butthead>
egbert, May 13 2003

       Silly, pretentious and self-baking.   

       It might be better if, instead of Milton, you used Looney Tunes character dialog.
waugsqueke, May 13 2003

       I hate poetry in a foreign language. I'm not fluent enough to understand it. Even less when it's bad poetry about sexual organs. I like "albures" better, and blissmiss might know what I'm talking about.
Pericles, May 13 2003

       Whoa! The reason I made the parody so ambiguous was to allow each reader, if they thought about the verse as suggestive metaphor, a personal joke. And does it really matter whether or not I use Milton or Looney Tunes dialogue? To apply either to a joke requires a certain depth of knowledge, or at least a basic ability to parse text .   

       [waugsqueke]: Do you know me? How do you know whether or not this is an act of pretension on my part? I certainly have not arrogated any degree of scholarship to my persona, here.   

       Really, I don't see any reason for the antagonistic attitudes adopted in [wgk]'s and [UB]'s annotations. This idea is a joke, maybe a little complex, and maybe not funny. It's about what you put into it. I don't deny the silliness of the idea, but I do deny using the idea as a launchpad to dispense recondite knowledge of classic literature for my own gratification.   

       This is just a facet of my sense of humor. I like complex jokes and I like to think. So what's the big deal?
idyll, May 13 2003

       Hey, I don't mean to be antagonistic, as you call me. I'm just annotating my personal opinion on the matter. If you are not up to hearing other people's opinions then you're on the wrong website dear.
Pericles, May 14 2003

       Actually, [Pericles], the annotation was referring to [waugsqueke]'s and [UnaBubba]'s annotations. Yours happened to slip in whilst I was writing my response to them. Changes have been made.   

       My apologies for the misunderstanding.
idyll, May 14 2003

       My response would be the same as Pericles' last annotation.   

       To clarify, I said the idea was pretentious, not the author. The definition I intended was "expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature." You agreed with me on "silly". And Looney Tunes character dialog possibly would have made it humorous, so there might have been some entertainment value.
waugsqueke, May 14 2003


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