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Piano On Fire Concerto

Burning down the house
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Prepare a grand piano with hundreds of piezoelectric sensors and spritz flammable liquids or gels onto the strings, the plate, and the soundboard to activate the heating and cooling of the strings and metal supports that create the sound. The Concerto’s movements are characterized by various failures of key parts, adding their own sounds of string, metal, and carpentry failure as punctuation and emphasis.
minoradjustments, Apr 15 2024

How it works. https://youtu.be/6O...si=AMq6zDJLk9H-wHtr
Works good! [minoradjustments, Apr 15 2024]

Burning piano performance https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J3cg4tFLm7A
[xenzag, Apr 15 2024]

Something along that line Buzz_20Bomb_20Pipe_20Organ
[doctorremulac3, Apr 16 2024]

They shoulda set it on fire https://www.bbc.com...ticles/cld0rxlqgggo
[a1, May 10 2024]

The Mark Rober "Talking Piano" video carching fire https://youtu.be/uB...zMwk?feature=shared
[RayfordSteele, May 10 2024]


a1, Apr 15 2024

       Playing a burning piano has been done. [see link] In "art circles" it's quite a well known piece.
xenzag, Apr 15 2024

       I found a yellow mushroom/ Behind the piano in the hall/ Every day it grew a little bigger / From it's niche 'tween floor and wall/ My brother dared me:/ Touch it!/ Touch it's yellow gills!/ So I stroked it very gently/ And became violently ill/ I knocked my brother senseless/ I stomped the mushroom flat/ I put the piano on my head/ And wore it like a hat/ And to this day/ I still hear music/ From somewhere above my head/ One day that fucking piano's gonna/ Fall and crush me dead!
Edie, Apr 15 2024

       [xenzag], this one is different because the sound is generated BY the burning of the piano and the work has to be composed for that.
a1, Apr 15 2024

       [zag] I like the video you linked. You are right; stale now. It's good that it doesn't have anything to do with the Piano on Fire Concerto except there was a piano involved. And fire. But it had a guy playing Max Richter.   

       That was just a guy playing a piano that happened to be on fire. Big deal. WKTE, especially happening people.   

       The Piano on Fire Concerto is not played. It is instigated from a safe distance using dangerous chemicals. The piano does the playing, a different concerto every time, not that tired Max Richter dirge.   

       Where were the streams of flammable liquids and gels? Where were the licking flames in the grand piano body, not a flaming spinet headed for the deep six? Where were the spontaneous and unpredictable melodic lines generated by the stretching and loosening of the strings? The twang of strings popping? Where was the groaning of metal stressed beyond its tolerances and the crackling of exotic lacquers and failing joints? Where was the suspense, the morbid fascination, the risk of injury? Maybe we can get Danila Bolshenkov to work a squirt gun for opening night.
minoradjustments, Apr 15 2024

       Goodness, gracious, great piles of charcoal. Some ideas are diamonds - some ideas are stones.
Edie, Apr 16 2024

       Hmm, an easy-to-install kit is needed here. Months ago after trying to sell, then donate, then abandon an old upright I was reduced to disassembling the instrument and recycling it at the county scrap yard. A final neighborhood concert would have been nicer.
whatrock, Apr 16 2024

       //Some ideas are diamonds - some ideas are stoned.//   

       [whatrock] Did you salvage anything useful or curious at all? There are so many wonderful shapes and mechanisms in any piano. I agree; a final neighborhood concert would have been nicer. Discounting the legal stuff. And the neighbors, or course.
minoradjustments, Apr 19 2024


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