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Pullback reverse pedal

Pull the accelerator pedal to reverse
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Hooking your foot under the accelerator pedal and pulling it back towards you will make your vehicle reverse.

On a modern car with automatic transmission and on which the accelerator is just a variable resistor attached to a computer, this would seem fairly easy to implement. Pushing the accelerator down would of course shift you back into first or drive and move you forwards. The brake pedal would work as normal in either direction.

This would give you less to think about when trying to perform manoeuvres in a tight space which require a lot of shuffling back and forward.

Srimech, Aug 25 2006

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Similar input method, different result [Srimech, Aug 26 2006]


       One could use it as a brake as well! Anyway, that works in Crazy Taxi.
bungston, Aug 25 2006

       There would be several problems if you tried to implement it on my old manual transmission car, but I was thinking in terms of modern electronically controlled cars which could cut engine power when you push the brake pedal and prevent you from switching into reverse while you're already moving forwards.
Srimech, Aug 25 2006

       [21 Quest]   

       I don't think [Srimech] meant for the brake to be between forward and reverse but a separate pedal altogether.
jellydoughnut, Aug 25 2006

       No, quite right, [jellydoughnut]. I might have drawn inspiration from video games in which the 'reverse' button makes you brake while moving forwards and vice versa, but with this system the gas/accelerator pedal only makes you move faster in either direction. The brake pedal works as normal, slowing you down whichever way you're going.
Srimech, Aug 25 2006

       great for yard shunters bit like a hydro trans thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 26 2007

       you could hav a hydro trans between the engine and normal trans therefore u cud have infinately variable transmission with engine revs on a hand throttle 4th gear reverse :S lol thanks Nick
randylandy666, Jul 26 2007

       You can make all that into a single anno you know.
acurafan07, Jul 27 2007


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