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Pyrex Flavorizer Bars

Weber Grill Accessory
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First, some background:

Weber brand gas grills, instead of using ceramic briquette or lava rocks, use a row of triangular metal bars called Flavorizer Bars, below the cooking grates and above the burners, to distribute the heat from the burners, protect the burners from food drippings, and allow enough of the drippings to be cooked to oblivion to produce moisture and flavored smoke for the food above.

Sadly, even if one uses the longer-lasting stainless steel versions of these bars, they eventually rust and corrode, due to their close proximity to the flames, and perhaps due to planned obsolescence.

Thus, I propose creating flavorizer bars out of Pyrex glass, which will not only not corrode, but will be more aesthetically pleasing -- at least when they're clean.

An optional premium version would have a coating of heat activated self cleaning catalyst.

goldbb, Aug 25 2010


       I think that Pyrex could take the heat, but the thermal shock of the liquid dripping from the top would crack it. Also I have a heck of a time just cleaning the little window of my oven, but I'm still on the fence because this would look cool at first.
MisterQED, Aug 25 2010

       MisterQED, I would suggest you apply some Dawn Power Dissolver to the window of your oven. Spray it on, wait 10 minutes, then wipe it off.   

       The stuff works almost as well as the commercials claim -- truly blackened dishes may need to be treated a second time to become clean and shiny.   

       As for the liquid dripping from the food... I would expect that individual drips will be fairly small, and reasonably spread apart. Thus, they would not excessively cool off the point of contact with the bars as they (the drops) cook/burn.   

       Of course, I wouldn't throw a glass of water on the bars while they're glowing hot, but that's orders of magnitude more liquid than what drips off of the food.
goldbb, Aug 26 2010


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