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Addon Quantum cards
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# target date 2018-12-12 # error # resoures needed #

Really, the Quantum logics are wrapped up by silicon hardware to get anything useful in and out for humans. Some Quantum processing units need a specialised bus to bus adapters but exceptional QPU cards are fully backwards compatible.

Please upgrade your machines.

# TM3-1 # series 5 # time editing quantum analytical array # via account wjt #

wjt, Dec 12 2016

/Linear_optical_quantum_computing, if you were to use something archaic like photomultiplier tubes instead of silicon snesnors it might be [WJT]'s siliconless optical quantum computer https://en.wikipedi...l_quantum_computing
[beanangel, Dec 13 2016]


MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2016

       .ygolonhcet levart emit gnisu s'eH
8th of 7, Dec 12 2016

       Name one quantum situation not measured by silicon processing hardware.
wjt, Dec 13 2016

       unoriginal [-]
Voice, Dec 13 2016

       1) I have no idea what I am talking about 2) it looks to me like you could use wikipedias photon quantum computer with some bizarre archaic nonsilicon sensors like photomultiplier tubes _or_ nonlinear deflection optics (refractive index changes with light, causing beam to travel through at different angle)   

       then that would be a couple "Name one quantum situation not measured by silicon processing hardware."   

       I think quantum computing modules for people's laptops sounds good!
beanangel, Dec 13 2016

       //I think quantum computing modules for people's laptops sounds good!//   

       Yes, so did "Laser toenail trimmer" according to our marketing department. Turned out to be not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2016

       The laser trimmer is actually a fine idea and would be a lot better than mechanical shears for huge horny toenails. One would want a vacuum attachment to inspire the smoke.
bungston, Dec 13 2016

       Worryingly, that sounds remarkably like you're writing from direct personal experience.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2016

       I'm imagining quantum entanglement, the basis of quantum logic processing, as something that can only be accessed by exceptionally precise equipement and doped silicon number crunching.   

       It's not like you can use household items and say to your kid "Now's that's because of quantum entanglement" or go somewhere in nature and point quantum entanglement out.   

       So in a bigger picture way quantum entanglement is fenced by silicon. Carded.
wjt, Dec 14 2016

       I think mallards have iridescent feathers from refraction, so frost covered mallards might be a part of quantum entanglement.   

       I read that crystalline water quantum entangles photons very occasionally (to completely make up numbers it was like .00000001 compared with barium boron oxide) So the vast plurality of eentsy ice crystals at the atmosphere are constantly producing entangled photons.
beanangel, Dec 14 2016

       // "Smell that orange son ? That's quantum mechanics. //   


       "Smell that? You smell that? ...... Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning ...."   

8th of 7, Dec 14 2016

       //Smell that orange son ? That's quantum mechanics.// It's better than that. One theory of olfaction (which still isn't really understood) is that it involves quantum entanglement between the odorant and the receptor.   

       More generally, it's believed by some that many enzymes have evolved to use quantum entanglement to enhance reaction rates.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2016

       I wonder what the most easily quantum entangled system is. Although I doubt it is Rydberg atoms (giant atoms with an electron possibly, a cm away from the nucleus) being able to do trillions of laser things between the electron and nucleus (at the 1 cm diameter) seems potentially useful. Also, I have read about evanescent waves online. Apparently wax prisms refracting microwaves will propagate an evanescent wave more than a mm between the wax prisms, so could these things I do not understand possibly be quantum entangled? Possibly.   

       NB wikipedia says that something similar to New Scientist's quantum camera, with multiple entangled photons, can be used to etch computer chips at 12, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 (etc) the usual size as a result of the entangled photon group
beanangel, Dec 15 2016

       I understand pretty much everything working due to quantum mechanics but quantum entanglement? It's down to probability of occurence. Either it common enough, a fundamental action, for enzymes to evolve to use it or it's extremely rare.   

       The smell of an orange, I like it.   

       It would be a good school science experiment. Here's enzyme A and here's enzyme B on the same substrate. measure their reactivity and knowing their structure state which one you think uses quantum entanglement. No heavy computing necessary.
wjt, Dec 16 2016


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