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Queue Stepper

Moving on
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Long queues that don't seem to move can be frustrating.

In places where long, straight queues tend to form, a horizontal escalator that moves slowly away from the teller for a brief time, at short, regularly spaced intervals would give one the sense of moving forward.
A slightly less unpleasant experience.

shudderprose, May 05 2009


       //I think the device you're looking for is called a slidewalk//   

       I think slidewalk and horizontal escalator are synonymous. Unless you're referring to the fictional sort, in which case this wouldn't do. The stop-start feature of the queue stepper is designed to mimic the natural progression of a queue. H. G. Wells' slidewalk is constantly moving, as far as I understand.
shudderprose, May 05 2009

       better have the teller move backwards at intervals. That way one gets to see many parts of the city in long queues.
loonquawl, May 05 2009


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