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Quiet Zone in Airplane

No Announcements, No Sales Pitches, No Pet Aardvarks, No Whoopie-Cushions...
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This would be similar to the old "no smoking" sections of the airplane. The only announcements would be safety related, and all other noise-making people/critters/equipment would be banned.

(Inspired by the insipid crew announcements when trying to read/sleep/listen to podcasts -- I could care less about wind speed, ambient temperature, or what's visible through my seatmate's closed window).

cowtamer, Jan 12 2010


       In the UK, express trains typically have a quiet coach which basically does this - simple rules, no loud screaming, no mobile phones, most people play by the rules.
pocmloc, Jan 12 2010

       I'd actually like the crew to play by the rules and turn off the PA system for that section while they're pitching their airline card, updating you on the local weather, etc. The other passengers are rarely the problem.   

       Another advantage would be that the people who are NOT sitting in the quiet section will be a little less self-conscious about their kids wailing at the top of their lungs, etc.
cowtamer, Jan 12 2010

       I would prefer a * no turbulence* zone...
xandram, Jan 12 2010

       I hear its really quiet in the cargo hold.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2010


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