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RFID Wheelchairs

Automatically open doors with an RFID wheelchair
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If you are disabled or pushing a baby carriage you know just how dificult it is to reach the button on the automatic door openers and they never stay open long enough. All baby carriages, wheelchairs, crutches etc should contain RFID chips so as you approach the door the RFID door opener opens the door.
Braindead, Mar 18 2006


       Why RFID?
bristolz, Mar 18 2006

       RFID (radio frequency identification) chips are low cost <7 cents to manufacture and can be applied using a simple sticket on a wheel chair, crutches etc. The alternative would be an expensive bluetooth, infrared or other wireless solution.
Braindead, Mar 18 2006

       So, if I can record and simulate your RFID chip, I can open your car?
jutta, Mar 18 2006

       The encryption capabilaties of RFID are getting better. You use RFID to pay for items electronically today such as Gas at your local petrol station. Several cars already have an RFID reader that is used to start the vehicle providing added security over traditional keys.   

       OK yes you could break the current 128 bit RFID security in approximatly 1 hour using multiple computers Google break RFID encryption but really I was just thinking about automating the disabled door button at the local shop that anyone could press.
Braindead, Mar 18 2006

       Yes, the RFID tag is ~7¢ but the reader is quite pricey.
bristolz, Mar 18 2006

       " Yes, the RFID tag is ~7¢ but the reader is quite pricey."   

       About $500 a door should cover it. For a shopping mall or public building I would assume would be an insignificant amount.
Braindead, Mar 18 2006

       Why would those require authentication before opening their doors? I thought you were talking about cars.
jutta, Mar 19 2006

       Sorry you don't really require authentication to open the door I was just responding to your request in relation to security. I assume that we would want some level of validation because you really don't want people sticking an RFID sticky label that can open an automatic rfid enabled door on the actual doors.   

       They would never close :-)
Braindead, Mar 19 2006


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