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RNA/peptide vaginal decal heals genital abrasions, reduces STDs/STIs

Herbal and yeast extracts (curcurmin, others) 1/3-triple wound healing; put them in sexual lubricants, cervical rings, and condoms; Actual idea: Once a decade iontophoresis at Vagina/anus
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Sexually transmitted infections (STI/STD), are, I read, associated with microabrasions and microtears at the genitals and anus. Putting wound healing chemicals in sexual lubricants, cerivical rings (like Nuvaring), condoms, and what I call a vaginal decal is possible. Published material found 30-80% to tripled wound healing effectiveness with Various herbal extracts, yeast extracts, and formal drugs, so the healing part is published as working [links].

So, basically, you put the wound healing chemical in the cervical ring (nuvaring) or sex lubricant, and the person might be 30-80% - 3 times less likely to get or transmit sexually transmitted infections.

As a new technology so this idea stays up, Here is the vaginal decal:

A slick, self-wetting biodegradeable polymer decal, with something like instant-set surgical glue on the peel-off back is produced (alibaba similars 2/1000 of 1 cent). The woman or girl places the decal, which could be as small as 3 mm times 3 mm at the interior of her vagina, something like hand inserting an OB(tm) tampon. The upper surface is a polymer or gel that diffuses healing materials, other varied purpose chemicals or materials, or varied purpose drugs into the vaginal mucous.

Surgical glue can last about 3 months and the decal can diffuse very high dose potency drugs (Some I have read about are active at picograms or even femtograms) even though the decal itself might have a 1-4mg mass.

The advantage of the decal is that it could deter STIs for a months. There is also an ionophoretic keratin reactive version of a vaginal decal that could confer multiple years of abrasion healing and minimization of sexually tranmistted infecion (STI/STD) transmission (See *note)

The healing component: The [link] note that ethanolic yeast extract triples wound healing velocity. As a different extract perhaps the yeast extracts could be dissolved not in ethanol, but in an alcohol with more atoms like erithritol, sorbitol, or even an L-sugar alcohol that vaginal bacteria cannot eat.

There is another study [link] where they found the active ingredients of ethanolic yeast extract (peptides, which I think may have became cosmetic beauty peptides at commercial products) These extracts are 6000 times more potent than the yeast extract, some, I think, are widely used as beauty peptides in cosmetics.

Noting beauty peptides = published healing peptides (GHK-Cu is one). Sociocultural acceptance of Named ingredients has already occurred. Just adding that ingredient to condom lubricants, sexual lubricants, vaginal decals, cervical rings (Nuvaring). and, with engineering, tampons could result in 30-80% - 3 times less unhealed abrasion at the vagina (and anus) and reduce sexual transmission of infections.

The Tampon that leaves an all month healing residue is very much like the vaginal decal. The medicated tampon's advantage is that you don't have to think about it, you just use "Satyfresh -Active" every month automatically.

The advantage of the decal is that it could deter STIs for a months. There is also an ionophoretic keratin reactive version that could confer multiple years of minimization of sexually tranmistted infecion (STI/STD) transmission (See *note)

I think the medicated tampon is WKTE, so this is a just a version. A polymer melts-at-vagina-temperatures thing, coating or halftone dot screen on the tampon, loaded with healing chemicals that comes off on insertion has surgical glue that coats the dots or dust attaches it to the vaginal walls.

This is likely 100 micrograms-4 mg of "glue dust/dots" that get transferred to the sides of the vagina. The glue dots then persist a month, and are renewed with sequential monthly tampon use. As previously mentioned .1-4 mg is more than sufficient as some healing chemicals are active at 3-5 orders of magnitude less mass.

Other wound healing chemicals that may have already become socioculturally acceptable are curcurmin (30-100% healing effects). Very many healing factors, peptides and proteins have been published. A few that I noticed are Trefoil TFF peptide[link], NGF, VEGF.

As a fast track to sociocultural acceptance, Other yeast species' extracts besides those from Saccharomyces cerevisiae could be tried. Encouragingly, "probiotic extracts", which I think means they grow the probiotic bacteria and then extract stuff from it are already in cosmetics [link]. Countless probiotic bacteria are there to be tested for beneficial medical effects, and have the advantage of already being parts of unlicensed products.

So, sexual and genital contact materials that promote wound healing reduce the spread of STIs and are about 1-2/100th of 1 cent to make. They are a technology, and it is beneficial to make them.

An alibaba cost estimate of 10 mg $6/gram beauty=healing peptide (GHK-Cu), and 10 milligrams of surgical glue [link] $1.149/gram is about 7.2/1000ths of a cent, or 1/100th of a cent costincrease per medicated tampon.

*Note: If you like, you can really do it right and get 5 or even 10 years of vaginal or anal wound healing out of one application. The technology works like this:

A drug-coated soft polymer tube is inserted into the vagina or anus. Iontophoresis, which can deliver 25 mg of active ingredient per (cm^2) in less than 30 minutes to a depth of 1-3 cm, transports the very high dose potency drugs (fluorinated ethynylized healing peptides; computer modeled and redesigned healing peptides, ethynlfluorocurcumin).

The durability and diffusivity scope of the healing drugs is increased by attaching them to a keratin (or likely other connective tissue) reactive moiety that does the micheal reaction, molecularly attaching them to tissue. To emphasize this is easier than it sounds, just think of it as electrophoresisizing a kind of transparent Henna. Henna already lasts a month,and when a sponge is completely soaked in it, rather than a surface painted, it likely lasts, and diffuses out, much longer.

The iontophoretic area could be as much as say the full surface area of the inside of the vaginal canal, and say 12 inches of anal depth and circumferance.

These high dose potency healing drugs are in a form that causes them to diffuse back out towards the mucousa at a 1 microgram/24 hours velocity; so 1 year is about 1/3 milligram of active drug utilized. Or, If only 33% of the healing peptides diffuse back out the depot the right direction, 1 mg/year. 5 years is 5 milligrams of electrophoretically installed drug, and 10 years is 10 mg of iontophoretically installed drug.

How dose potent (strong) can a would healing drug be? there are RNA that heal wounds, and peptides. Some peptides Like GHK-Cu effecting rat behavior to reduce anxiety are biologically active at 500 picogram/Kg doses,which is encouraging, as Genital and Anal mucousa seem to be in the 100 picogram/24 hour range of mass.

This is a public domain Idea Treon Verdery 12/28/20

beanangel, Dec 29 2020

GHK-Cu popular treatment 500 picogram/Kg dose, other higher doses https://researchpep....org/ghk-cu-review/
[beanangel, Dec 29 2020]


       WKTE. VivaGel has been around for over ten years, other products exist as well. It’s also conventional wisdom that lubes in general prevent micro-tears and are recommended for that reason.
kdf, Dec 29 2020

       Cool and awesome [kdf] I am amazed Vivagel does not come out with an:   

       Abrasion healing   

       herbal extract or beauty peptide product. The way is open to them from the cosmetic companies.   

       Vivagel is only viricidal.   

       I sent them a note with this URL.   

       Maybe the almost Plonk-like categorical appeal of "herbal sex lube" will catch on (curcurmin).
beanangel, Dec 29 2020

       Wow. seems a bit simplistic when areas of the body are living cultures. Think rain forests(some swamps) not just a farm reinvigoration with a top dressing plane.   

       The more complex it is, the more careful you have to be messing with it.   

       Though, nutrients, vitamins and calories. Never mind.
wjt, Dec 29 2020

       Beanangel, the thing is... there are a wealth of products and ongoing research for maintaining a healthy vaginal biome. Posting a list of herbs and pharmaceuticals and suggesting more research is not a HB idea - in fact, posting “we should research” is a specific [mark-for-deletion] per the HB helpfile.
kdf, Dec 29 2020

       I agree [kdf] - [marked-for-deletion] - there are a lot of words in this idea but it’s not saying much more than “medicated lubricants/tampons (WKTE) containing some glue, herbs or chemicals from alibaba.com might prevent STIs”.
hippo, Dec 29 2020

       So hippo... just curious ... how often does saying [mark-for- deletion] actually spur a moderator to delete a post? I’ve had jutta ask me once (twice? thrice?) to remove something of mine... but I don’t know how (or if) guidelines are more rigidly enforced.
kdf, Dec 29 2020

       The [mfd] tags aren’t policed as rigorously as they used to be. There are a few HB moderators in addition to [jutta] and it just needs one of them to make some time to go through the tagged ideas to see if the [mfd] tag is justified.
hippo, Dec 29 2020

       Jesus, Evolution, you've had 1.2 BILLION YEARS to work on this! Get it together!
Voice, Dec 29 2020

       //1.2 BILLION YEARS// You mean, there were [m-f-d] tags before the halfbakery existed?
pocmloc, Dec 29 2020

       And, both Jesus and Evolution have been working on it? Collaboration conflicts right there.
wjt, Dec 29 2020

       The thing I've been noticing lately is Nano, femto, atto, zeptogram quantities. Some of these tiny quantities are detectable at nature, and some are active drug concentrations of working pharmaceuticals.   

       I did find a fairly strong piece of prior art where the concept of using a healing *peptide* at a mucous membrane (then list of body parts) is mentioned {link]. It is a Canadian Patent from 2017. It's kind of like the people in the patent are aiming for something completely different though.   

       Using any purpose specific **RNA** as a wound healing chemical at the genitals is unfound in a google search or google scholar search. RNA has some of the social benefits of Peptides in that there are already purpose-specific small RNA in cosmetics.   

       The vaginal decal does seem to be a completely new drug delivery device though.   

       there are RNA that heal wounds, and peptides. Some peptides Like GHK-Cu effecting rat behavior to reduce anxiety are biologically active at 500 picogram/Kg doses,which is encouraging   

       I suppose the main reason not to MFD this is that the RNA wound healing at the vagina is new, vaginal decals are completely new. It has also been retitled to the new-stuff-centric "RNA/peptide vaginal decal heals genital abrasions, reduces STDs/STIs"   

       N.B. The idea got a branch idea, that woman having sex really might like: I think it is possible to make the various nerves of the vaginal canal and clitoris much more reactive/active. So, making only the ones that feel good double their nerve firing rate could be pleasureable. One way to do this would be to turn off neurons that are telling them to be UNexcited. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and a GABA antogonist at sexual lubricant could make all of the nerves of the vagina more active.   

       This depends How well it soaks in though.   

       Iontophoretic condoms are an obvious way to electromigrate pleasure chemicals to a depth of 1-3 CM into the vagina.   

       Wikipedia mentions about 9 GABA antagonists
beanangel, Dec 29 2020

       So, have sex 30 times and you get rewarded by your Ob with a sticker?
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2021


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