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Rocket Propelled Grenade For Hanging Prestidigitators
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A rocket propelled device specifically designed to obliterate nuisance prestidigitators hanging in various urban settings. Design specifally takes into account safe powderization of offending object while leaving observing crowd within vicinity unharmed, just amused. The device can come with an upgrade option allowing for nighttime obliteration -- starts with a flare to light up target, then explosion -- followed by ending fireworks.
mahatma, Sep 27 2003


       forgive me for putting this in the product:weapon:countermeasure category, but I felt it appropriate.
mahatma, Sep 27 2003

       I am wholly ashamed of the attitude and actions of my fellow townspeople <smirk>
po, Sep 27 2003

       What a couple of abracadabraphobes.
bristolz, Sep 27 2003

po, Sep 27 2003

       I'd like to suspend a mime from a crane, in an imaginary little glass box. Using nothing but their miming skills, they have to convince gravity that they really are pressed up against an invisible wall...   

       Screaming on the way down obviously voids their miming privileges for the term of their natural life.
lostdog, Sep 27 2003

       Holds out hand, palmside-up. Looks like Blain.
wombat, Sep 27 2003


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