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Radiator Man

Sounds like a superhero, but he's not. Unfortunately.
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Imagine an articulated skeleton made of hollow brass pipes. Moveable joints (elbows, knees, etc) have rubberized pipes running through them that allow this big brass bugger a certain degree of flexibility in all the key areas.

From the big brass spine that runs up the back of Radiator man, there is an anatomically uncorrect pipe that juts out at right angles and plumbs him into your central heating system, thus filling him with hot water. Much to his gurgling delight.

So what’s the point of an articulated skeleton radiator? On the face of it, not much. It’s not like you can toast marshmallows off him or anything.

But on the other hand – if you’ve just washed a particular outfit that you need again in a hurry, switch on radiator man the night before, dress him up in your required attire, and by the time you awake it’ll be dry.

And, when winter really starts to bite, set your central heating to come on an hour before you wake up, dress up radiator man in your clothes the night before, and you’ll be all cosy toasty warm when you walk out into that frosty new day.

And besides, his ribcage would make a really good towel rack.

lostdog, May 09 2005


       It would kind of suck if he took a leak.   

       Could one's butler not perform essentially the same function?
Basepair, May 09 2005

       One's butler could, if one had a butler.
normzone, May 09 2005

       I thought this was going to be an alternative to zone heating, with Radiator Man following you around and heating just the room you are in. But I guess it could be set up to do that too.
Shz, May 10 2005

       Welcome back, doggie! Stop licking me! Ooh, what dead animal have you been into???
RayfordSteele, May 10 2005

       //Gosh, I just assumed everyone has a butler. You mean there are people who don't?// No-one worth speaking of.
TolpuddleSartre, May 10 2005

       All flesh is brass.
calum, May 10 2005

       is there a female shape?
po, May 10 2005

       Can he cook crepes?
daseva, May 10 2005

       Yes. And if you unscrew the top of his head, you can brew coffee in him too.
lostdog, May 10 2005

       Ooohhh, so he IS a butler.
daseva, May 10 2005

       tres cool, but what about an open mesh torso, with a fan blowing air up into the cavity. (warm or cold.)
spacer, May 11 2005

       Install the fan in his butt. Warm "farts" for everyone.
37PiecesOf Flair, May 12 2005

       When I first read this, I assumed you'd somehow use the pressure in the radiator system to make him move through steam pressure. But it's pretty cool anyway. [+]
Blumster, May 12 2005

       I love watching people do The Robot.
DesertFox, Mar 31 2006

       This would make an exceptional piece of practical art. Some 40, 25, and 12.5 mm copper pipe, some silver solder, a few plumbing tools, a few fittings & a fan, and this could easily become a reality. Sans the flexible joints part, - that would be a real challenge.   

       Imagne the family gathering around the anatomically-approximate copper skeleton, rubbing their hands together in his warm, homely glow.   

Custardguts, Jan 11 2008

       There is a series of advertisements for overactive bladder with something like this. Just a bunch of pipe people walking around. Have you seen them? [+]
shapu, Jan 11 2008

       I've always liked this - bunned long time ago.
xenzag, Jan 11 2008


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