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Radiator of Aran

Radiator that looks like an Aran Sweater [no "radiator" sub-heading :-( ]
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There are numerous opportunities to convert the humble radiator into an object of desire. The Radiator of Aran is designed to appeal to those who like all things twee, warm and Irish. Like the sweater it resembles, it comes in any size, pattern variation and colour.

Admittedly, its manufacture is complex, with the strands of wool being replaced by hundreds of yards of micro-bore tubing, but happily there is also a cheaper version. This takes the form of a cast iron, enamel finish cover, that bolts unto the front of a conventional matrix of pipes. (in the winter, steam may be seen rising from the neck area, under which the control valves are located)

see link for illustration

xenzag, Apr 26 2007

(??) Radiators of Iran http://www.iran-radiator.com/
[feeble attempt at humour] [zen_tom, Apr 26 2007]

Illustration https://sodabred.tu...an-original-idea-by
[xenzag, May 03 2021]

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       From the title, I was thinking of a knitted Radiator Cozy - perhaps in Tartan - it would stop you burning yourself when leaning against a hot radiator - and look quite nice too.   

       I do like the link between the piping on an Aran sweater and the ridges and flanges found on a typical home radiator.
zen_tom, Apr 26 2007

       xenxag, can you make something like the depicted sweater, but with tubes and hinges so that the arms move? People could get a nice warm hug from their radiator when they come in out of the freezing cold.
jutta, Apr 26 2007

       (not my drawing) but anyway the general answer is "Yes" to the suggestion for moveable, hugging arms [Jutta]. Naturally this increases the complexity, but that pleases me even more.   

       I'm sure that sound of gulls wheeling overhead can also be incorporated into the general heating up sounds. (the Arans have a lot of gulls)
xenzag, Apr 26 2007

       quick scribble added - link (first ever use of Procreate)
xenzag, May 03 2021


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