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Radical* Feminism

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In this axiomatic system of thought, the null set is deemed a "rape". From this initial definition, all else is formally deduced from 1st principles, resulting in a framework within which any action is deconstructable into some form of rape, it also constructs its own backdrop or setting that might be deemed the rape-cosmos. Thus everyone is constantly raping everyone else all the time; In the ear, in the mind, physically, emotionally, geometrically and and indeed in any other way the reader may formally wish to calculate. In doing so, the emotional content of rape is transcended, rendering the original term, and by extension everything that follows from it, meaningless.

Early converts will be attracted by the half-understood continual repeat of emotive and forceful mantras, resulting in small groups of highly dependent people looking to their local and provincial leaders for spiritual and intellectual guidance. Those leaders are then free to groom and prey upon their trusting and emotionally dependent followers, hammering home the conceptual rape that brought them there in the first place. Thus a need/dependence/rape cycle is set-up within which almost any truth can be argued/cemented with the rape-construct discussed in the earlier paragraph (as will be demonstrated in the annotations).

The beauty of all this is that it forms an unassailable clot of tangled logic while retaining a veneer of respectability and occasionally, government funding. Sadly any groups that are actually keen on securing equality, safety for all and an end to sexual violence are drowned out in the cacophony of self-aggrandising promotion, the louder and most strident of which is destined to gain the most attention. Thus a small minority of self-appointed leaders get to enrich themselves both financially, politically and sexually, albeit at the expense of the mental, physical and sexual health of those closest to them.

Zeuxis, Sep 04 2014

A different style of writing to consider http://einsteinandreligion.com/index.html
This guy gets into some pretty heady concepts with real simple language. [doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2014]


       Reading this felt like picking my way through a room full of trip wires rigged to explosives. I got to the other end of the room but was none the wiser about what was in the room other than a network of trip wires rigged to explosives.
calum, Sep 04 2014

       Define "1st principles"... Moreover, we could replace the word "rape" with any other, and make the secret interpretations of law based on sets in any way we want. Is that what you mean?
Mindey, Sep 04 2014

       I'm saying if you build a philosophy on a particular set of axioms and if those axioms are formed of some highly corrosive, deeply emotive ideas such as rape, slavery, murder etc - The effect, if managed carefully within a self-consistent philosophical framework (carefully managed, and traversed so as not, as [calum] points out, to set off any explosives within the labyrinth of internal tripwires) then you will have achieved that most perverse of human constructions, a self-perpetuating irrational cult of radicalism that exists to impose some idea upon the world, but in doing so destroys both its membership, and the very ideal it was initially set up to promote. That kicking off any such tightly orchestrated tailspins of evil, as evidenced by sqrt(feminism), sqrt(socialism), sqrt(islam) and pretty-much sqrt(most-other-isms) where the function sqrt(x) can be replaced by the radical sign we're more commonly used to, a few dedicated individuals may profit a great deal from the fervent auto- flagellation of those unfortunate enough to become involved.
Zeuxis, Sep 04 2014

       Like Beanangel, but with Rohypnol.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2014

       I skipped to //Thus a small minority of self-appointed leaders get to enrich themselves both financially, politically and sexually, albeit at the expense of the mental, physical and sexual health of those closest to them.//   

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 04 2014

       The neat thing about words is, with a little bit of skill they can be strung together to convey a concept.
doctorremulac3, Sep 04 2014

       Yes, conflating all unwanted sexualized interactions with rape simply changes the meaning of the word rape which works so long as "rape" still carries some emotional and visceral weight. Welcome to movement mechanics. No different from religion, movements are cults of personality and personal aggrandizement. Present in all movements, all ideologies attract people who become parasites sapping energy and inertia from it. And people who do the same thing mirroring them in opposition. This "friction zone" achieves very little but noise, heat, and smoke. If you don't want to be accused of the same self serving behavior it might be best not to join the mud slinging.
WcW, Sep 04 2014

       I hesitate briefly to say anything about this. There are many situations where oppression and ill-treatment come home to roost when the people oppressed unwittingly visit that oppression and bad behaviour on another group of people. This has been claimed for child abuse of course, also bullying and the situation in certain countries. It seems to make sense to me and I imagine it applies to this. However, we also need to be aware that that ill-treatment must have been pretty bad if it has that effect. So yes they are wrong and of course I have seriously considered suicide many times because of their belief system, but although I am their immediate victim I am also the indirect victim of the people who attacked them in the first place.   

       It doesn't help to extend a rape metaphor too far of course.
nineteenthly, Sep 04 2014

       Did you mean rap? This would make a lot more sense.
bungston, Sep 04 2014

       That last paragraph in the description did resemble a kind of profundity. Then again, is there a suggestion that feminists are complaining about rape just so they can debauch themselves?
4and20, Sep 05 2014

       On the one hand, [Zeuxis], some recent feminism is as you describe it.   

       On the other hand, it doesn't have to be, and it used not to be. I would urge you to read Betty Friedan. Also, let's say, Antonia Byatt, Iris Murdoch, Dorothy Parker and Vita Sackville West. Not necessarily all at once.
pertinax, Sep 05 2014

       [Marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist.
Voice, Sep 05 2014

       Can we save the /half-understood continual repeat of emotive and forceful mantras/ for the rap version?
bungston, Sep 05 2014

       widely-known-to-exist ?!
Mindey, Sep 05 2014

       //Like Beanangel, but with Rohypnol// You're too kind!   

       //On the other hand, it doesn't have to be// What I wanted to do here was draw a line between positive and negative philosophies - or at least posit a method by which a line can be drawn. On one side are the positive, affirming ideas from Islam, Feminism, Christianity, whatever - and on the other, are the negative, hate-led ideas that have somehow developed under the same respective banners. I'm advocating we recognise these for what they are, and as gardeners of our own mental allotments (sorry, I know we started on a mathematical metaphor, just switching to gardening briefly) consider uprooting these negative and unpleasant thought-weeds that have until now grown under the protective canopy of otherwise well-meaning and kind 'isms. Unfortunately, it's normally to the benefit of leaders to highlight the divisive and negative aspects of a belief system in order to polarise and strengthen a congregation's fealty to themselves - and over many years, this has generated lots and lots of evil. We sometimes think this is something limited to religious thought, but even Feminism hasn't escaped this ugly process.
Zeuxis, Sep 23 2014

       Within the parameters set forth by aggrandized academic accolade accented discourse it is possible to eschew a priori data conveyance composition modus, deconstructing as such that which might be used in fundamental determination of essence towards the ulterior construction of nominal conclusion based, periphrasis utilizing illuminescent implementation of maximal loquacity.
doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2014

       [doctorremulac3] that's all very well and good, perhaps if you made the same point a 3rd time it would become more relevant then?
Zeuxis, Sep 23 2014

       Sure, glad to.   

       Words are like a map to get to an idea. This is the equivalent of giving directions to a destination located 5 miles to the west by telling them to drive 25,000 miles due east. Or even 49,995 miles due east.
doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2014

       Excellent! Thankyou very much :)   

       You're right of course, the important point being that the thing represented in the map is undoubtedly there. You can turn a map upside down, even cut it up and restitch it back-together, it's still a map - and ought to remain topologically appropriate - Driving 49,995 thought-miles may be better than driving only 5, if you spend the time soaking up the sights and enjoying the journey. The scenery can be grim sometimes, but it's no-less an experience for that.
Zeuxis, Sep 23 2014

       LOL. Touche.   

       Thant's fine Zeu, just bustin' your balls. I didn't bone this by the way, I know you're having fun so I don't want to spit in the punch bowl. Just making some armpit fart noises at the poetry reading, don't mind me. ;)
doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2014

       You are of course, very welcome. I confess, this idea was my only way of venting a certain amount of frustration at some of the things that seemed to be going on in my corner of the world at the time of posting. I find it frustrating sometimes that voicing certain opinions or points of view is deemed taboo - There exist well defended memes, with near impenetrable logical/rhetorical defences, that are very difficult to challenge. What's needed is a clear way to examine some of the ideas that have become conflated with say, radical feminism, and point out the negative, hate- based logic that underpins them - in a way that isn't (in this case) misogynistic. The same goes for other cases where a hate-based philosophy has infected some otherwise laudable thought or ideal. e.g. Socialism, Christianity, Islam, etc - by the paths and vectors described in the idea proper.   

       I think a new way of talking about these hate-infections needs to be developed so we can unhook, clean- off, or otherwise descab the good parts from the bad. I'd like to find a clearer way of saying that - I really sincerely would.   

       So the concept here is to raise consciousness of the logic behind the hate - so that we may safely criticise the hatred, while leaving the main body intact.   

       The link to the square-root function is tenuous, but by trying to define precise, mathematical terms, I'm trying to convey some of that precise, specific, targeted criticism - Also, it speaks something of positivity and negativity - the square-root of a negative being imaginary - but by the bun/bone count (0,-5) currently, it would appear, I'm not conveying that very well.
Zeuxis, Sep 23 2014

       Well my friend, speaking only for myself, you lost me somewhere after the R in "Radical" and I'm a pretty good word-wrangler. I got the basic idea, but it required more decoding that I care to do. As a fair to middling word slinger myself, I'd suggest opting for clarity over pizzaz.   

       Put it this way, if you read some of the writings of Einstein you can get a good example of clear communication with minimal verbiage. Did you know he was a writer by the way? He didn't just stand in front of a chalkboard smoking a pipe with a horrible hairdo. Some pretty heavy stuff written in very simple and easy to understand language, and I don't think anybody would accuse him of being a dullard.   

       Just my two cents.   

       That being said, I understand the appeal of playing around with language skills, which is why I'm teasing more than seriously criticizing.
doctorremulac3, Sep 23 2014


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