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Ram Air Exhaust

Every little bit helps
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Breathing well especially at high rpms is essential for an engine to make it's maximum power. While I might get boned for making an exhaust system needlessly complicated for admitedly not very large potential gains, I reckon it's worth a try.

The first part of my system starts with Titanium mufflers. The reason is because they would be mounted literally right after the headers collect the exhaust gases, and Titanium has the ability to be extremely durable and can withstand a lot of heat. After the Titanium mufflers, the exhaust is routed into a tube where air enters from the front of the car and goes out the rear. This will create a venturi effect at high speeds. At low speeds, the exhaust is free to go out either the front (near the bumper where high speed air enters at high speeds) or the rear, since it has already been muffled by the muffler it really doesn't matter where it goes. At high speeds, the air rushing through the tube sucks the exhaust out of the runners. After the runners, the exhaust tubing gets gradually bigger until the exhaust exits. This also helps to suck exhaust out. Finally at the end of the line, the tube is turned so that the exhaust exits the car sideways and gets another venturi effect boost. And hey, in the middle of all this, why not put a few spark plugs (other than the fact that this is illegal)? Not to create a ram jet (since I know that it wouldn't work at the speeds cars reach) but to more completely burn the hydrocarbons in the exhaust stream.

acurafan07, Apr 19 2007

Better illustration http://www.putfile....pic.php?img=5264252
putfile [acurafan07, Apr 19 2007]

Very close to the same thing, but on a Suzuki Rotary engine motorcycle http://www.youtube....ode=related&search=
You don't see this part until 08:04 into the video. [BJS, Jul 15 2007]


       I think it sounds ok, but people say that you need some back pressure to make good power. I still don't understand why that is though.
BJS, Apr 19 2007

       Butterfly valves could potentially cause backpressure at low rpms, and the whole thing could open up at high rpms. Just posted an illustration, btw.
acurafan07, Apr 19 2007

       The idea of physically sucking the exhaust out makes sense to me. It is good to put distance between a process and its waste.
bungston, Apr 19 2007

       This would probably work, but like you said, the horsepower gains would not be too big. I don't think titanium would be neccesary -- stainless steel or cast iron would work equally well.   

       I'm not sure why you think that exhaust coming out of the side would be better than the front, though. I think if you want a low-pressure area to suck out the exhaust gasses, a rear diffuser is your best bet.   

       Bonus points if you can get it to shoot flames out the front of the car.
discontinuuity, Apr 19 2007

       "...where high speed air enters at high speeds..."   

       Bun for that!
wittyhoosier, Apr 20 2007

       Thanks for the link BJS, and you're right that is quite similar. I guess the differences are that this would be tuned for more airflow rather than cooling and there would be two places for the venturi effect.
acurafan07, Jul 15 2007

       sounds like Babe's mantra...   

       Ram, Air, Exhaust. Ram, Air, Exhaust.
po, Jul 30 2007

       i think rasberry re-tart is onto something with a rear defuser. As far as i can tell it would work just as well as your idea but much simpler. Simplicity is allways the best way to go.   

       The extra spark plugs would be good after the catalytic converter. if would blow the every expensive coverter insides out the exaust if you tried it befor.
F_R_O_G, Aug 13 2007

       Actually, there is no converter in this design. The spark plugs and added air combust the extra hydrocarbons. Since a catalytic converter converts these hydrocarbons into other things, spark plugs after a cat. would do nothing.
acurafan07, Aug 14 2007

       raberry re-tart: if you could find a rear diffuser on a land rover id pay you lol   

       thanks Nick
randylandy666, Aug 27 2007


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