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Random Orbit Persistence of Vision display

Eliminate dark lines
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Who hasn't seen Persistence Of Vision (POV) displays?

One problem with them is that each of the LEDs is a fixed distance from the center of rotation, and, in between each LED and the next is a dark region, which appears as a dark circle when the POV display is in operation.

What if the center of the spinning disk (or spinning stick) was making an additional orbital motion, similar to the movement of a random orbital sander?

This would result in each LED continuously changing its distance from the actual center, and ensure that every part of the display got illuminated, with no dark regions.

goldbb, Jul 10 2017


       How about two counter-rotating wotsits of LEDs, synchronised Chinook-fashion so as not to bump into each other, mounted at both ends of a shorter wotsit which is itself rotated around its central point?
Wrongfellow, Jul 11 2017

       Just stagger the LEDs so there's overlap, and trigger the trailing ones behind the leading ones. No gaps.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2017

       I was wondering about something.   

       If you strip down a flat-screen LCD display, you should end up with a more-or-less transparent display, with no backlighting.   

       Now mount this on a motor so that the whole thing spins around its long axis. Either feed the signal in through a commutator, or have the electronics spinning with the screen and comminicate Bluetoothwise.   

       You should now have a cylindrical display volume of very high resolution, as long as you can sync the signal to the rotation.   

       [edit] OK, a quick Google tells me that this is baked. Sigh.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2017

       Something tells me that a POV-type display would have to be brighter than a typical LCD screen pixel.
RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2017

       Oooh - chaotic double pendulum POV display? That'd be a really interesting technical challenge to build.
mitxela, Jul 11 2017

       No, it wouldn't.   

       High resolution optical resolvers in the pivots, feeding back position info to the light controller. Just have a grid map of the desired image in memory and continuously map the pendulum positions onto it, then illuminate LEDs accordingly.   

       Undergraduate project stuff. An 8-bit micocontroller could do it.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2017

       //3 LED columns and 1 cheese grater//   

       Why not add some spark gaps for more precisely programmable pain?
Wrongfellow, Jul 15 2017


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