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Random Phone Book Party

RPBP = random populism
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The Random Phone Book Party asks one thing and one thing only - Do not accept lobbyist or pledges of campaign contributions.

I know the decisions cast before our Party's randomly selected winners of public office will wear a heavy weight upon their shoulders.

Just because yoo won the phone number lotterý, agreed to not see lobbyist, or accept any contributions doesn't mean our Party is leaving you out in the cold, like a hyeana amidst the lions - No.

We know the quest for knowledge and wisdom is an eternal task, impossible for even the brightest stars amoung us.

We from the RPBP (Random Phone Book Party), though we may dial your number and ask you to serve us, will give you the names / contacts of the leading minds in as many aspects of human thought as we possibly can - aren't search engines pretty cool?

So you don't know the names or theories of the economic brains your colleagues quote.

Smith, Voltaire, Machiavelli, Engles, The apostle Paul - you only need to ask - pick up the phone.

No more Mr. I'm Represantative BoughtandPaidforbytheoilinustry. I'm a humble servant of the populace doing the best I can. If I can't acheive expected performance, then let someone else do it!

Zimmy, Mar 12 2010




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