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Shared Clinton Trump Presidency

Clinton m w f Trump t th sat They alternate Sundays.
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So what would you think of a shared Presidency between Clinton and Trump?

Clinton works Monday Wednesday and Friday. Trump plays Tuesday Thursday and Saturday. They alternate Sundays.

Yeah. Ewwwwhhh!

Maybe they would cancel each other out. ? !

popbottle, Aug 18 2015

(?) You left out one candidate https://www.youtube...watch?v=_gzQI3kiuKw
[doctorremulac3, Aug 20 2015]


       You sew the head of one onto the other and I'll vote for it.
doctorremulac3, Aug 18 2015

       it's funny how the quality of candidates demonstrably worsened since the smoked filled rooms, and yet everyone thinks the problem is campaign finance.
theircompetitor, Aug 18 2015

       Ah, [theircompetitor], I knew I would find you here.   

       The quality has changed ? I thought that the lowest common denominator rule still prevailed.
normzone, Aug 19 2015

       One could make the argument that honest primaries provide the lowest common denominator twice.   

       I would suggest, however, that mass media has a lot more to do with the problem than the absence of smoke filled rooms. At this point, sound bites and popularity contests matter a lot more than a written platform, and the cost of presenting a major campaign through advertising means that individuals start raising money for their next campaign as soon as they finish the first. Combined with instant feedback in the form of polls and e-mail counts means that the more extreme but vocal groups on both sides tend to hold a disproportionate share of the candidates/politicians attention.
MechE, Aug 19 2015

       I'm moving in with po if Trump even gets one day in office as President here. HElllooo London, Goodbye idiotic America, if that be the case.
blissmiss, Aug 19 2015

       Ah, yes, the biggest problem with democracy is that other people get a vote
theircompetitor, Aug 19 2015

       Forget London. I'm going to either Sydney or the Canary Islands, where the weather doesn't suck.
RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2015

       Trump is the worst candidate, except for all the others.   

       As [MechE] alludes, the primaries have effectively become a big reality show, so it should come as no surprise that Trump is leading. (I think Perry is going to get voted off next episode.)
tatterdemalion, Aug 19 2015

       You're funny. Ha!
blissmiss, Aug 19 2015

       sorting your room out as we speak, blissy...
po, Aug 20 2015

       // the biggest problem with democracy is that other people get a vote //   

       No, the biggest problem is that people who are wrong get a vote. The ones that agree with you are fine.
8th of 7, Aug 20 2015

       Pop quiz -- if you take all the money out of politics (as if), would celebrity play a smaller, or bigger role in getting elected?   

       However bizarrely this election is going, I'm predicting a surge in shamelessly self-centered "name-id" candidates. A Congress full of rappers is on the way -- think about how much more entertaining C-Span is going to get.
theircompetitor, Aug 20 2015

       I think 2020 is high time for my 'Jon Stewart for President' write-in campaign.   

       It would be fun to see Trump and Putin in a room together. Perhaps one with stretching racks and chainstocks...
RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2015

       I think there should be a basic test, and then perhaps divide up the vote by issue. If you can pass 'x' questions about current immigration law, then you can vote on immigration policy.
RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2015

       The clown and the devil. Alfred E Neuman can be Secretary of State.
Voice, Aug 20 2015


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