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Random Remote Button

Because in 3 years when we have a million channels it wouldn’t matter how good your memory is.......
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I'm a causal TV guy. I find it hard to know the subtle details of the 75+ channels we get. But 3 years from now when we have a million channels there will be no way I would have any clue on what to watch. It’s for this reason I propose the random remote button. Much like its ‘shuffle’ cousin on winamp. One press and instantly the TV system will place you on an unknown location; it could range from commercials on girls that have clearly gone wild to food that’s cooked in a battlefield... or something.

Gives whole new meaning to TV epiphany.

nomadic_wonderer, Apr 29 2005

US patent 8151299 http://www.google.c...v=onepage&q&f=false
cites this idea as prior art [xaviergisz, Jun 03 2012]

Cooking on the battlefield http://frontlinecoo...08:00&max-results=9
...rats in Satay sauce... [normzone, May 13 2016]

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       Google for channel surfing.
Adze, May 01 2005

       I find the "Next Channel" as random as anything.
DrCurry, May 01 2005

       TV shows in the States often cause me to turn the damn thing off, but a random button might delay such causality.
whatrock, May 13 2016

       Do you have anything against derivative transvestites?
bhumphrys, May 14 2016


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