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Random activity club

For the energetic apathetic
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Variety is the spice of life. Every now and again I like to ‘mix it up’ a bit, and partake in activities that I wouldn’t do normally or want to do too regularly e.g. paintball, gliding, rock climbing etc.

The problem is I’m not particularly pro-active when it comes to pursuing these random activities. Usually it is a friend or colleague or maybe a birthday present that will invite or prompt me into doing the activity. To pursue an activity on my own accord seems somehow try-hard/wannabe or uncharacteristic, and waiting for someone to instigate fun and excitement is just plain sad.

What I need is a club that organises stuff for me, however I don’t like clubs per se. I don’t want to be tied into the obligations and associations usually required to make a club work, a la scouts or army reserve.

Simply put, I want to be told a time and a place to turn up, and be pretty much guaranteed a fun random activity, no strings attached. A random activity club.

To opt into this club, participants pay a $1000 sign-up fee. From there everything is taken care of by a group of highly motivated and organized people (who derive their income from the sign-up fee). The sign-up fee entitles the participant to a number (say 7) well organised random activities.

Participants are given about a weeks notice that they are taking part in an unspecified activity on a particular day(s). A bus arrives at the participant’s house and they get on bringing nothing but the clothes they are wearing (all equipment is provided).

From there it is anything from an intensive 2 day course in choral singing, to a 7 day sniper training course.

xaviergisz, Oct 27 2005


       I like this a lot. The only thing I would add would be for new sign-ups to be given the chance to declare any activities they would *not* want to be dragged out of bed for.
Saveloy, Oct 27 2005

       For that sign up fee I want at least nine random activities. +   


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