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Randomised monkey vote

Ideas? wegotem!
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A system of government based on which pile of bananas the monkeys pick from first, all monkeys to be elected by the STB (single transferable banana) voting system. This would save a great deal of time currently spent on listening to politicians in order to to choose your favourite - since monkeys are much easier to prioritise.

To provide a democratically fair and just random selection of banana by the monkeys, the bananas will be loaded on a lazy Susan consisting of a rapidly rotating three metre disc of cheese, cooled to near absolute zero, floating over electromagnets.

A side-benefit of this would be encouraging the development of room-temperature superconductors, which would have many advantages - such as superconducting toupees, which might reduce the number of lightning strike injuries.

In order to enliven election-day coverage, the diverse and democraticaly representative presentation panel will attempt to settle various long-standing topics for good. Like why anyone would think twisting long balloons into animal shapes is even vaguely interesting, and whether an SI unit for analogy strength would be a good idea.

Obviously, the plagerism of these ideas required a time machine.

Loris, Apr 14 2011

(?) Prior art Still_20not_20an_20idea
[normzone, Apr 15 2011]


       Normzone gets it.
spidermother, Apr 14 2011

       maked for nondiscretion
daseva, Apr 15 2011

       Baked, and halfbaked, to death. Beating a dead horse with a stick, sort of baked.
blissmiss, Apr 15 2011

       you mean (for the) interruption.
po, Apr 15 2011

       I don't know about the rest of you, but waiting for the answer of, "how to keep an idiot in suspense?" is killing me...   

       Also, I am withholding my bone, I have a sneaky suspicion that is where the real testes.
4whom, Apr 15 2011

       Oh why are we wayyyy-ting?
We are suff-o-cating...
Jinbish, Apr 15 2011

       A *still* is a contraption for distilling moonshine, so I would say that *still* IS an idea!
xandram, Apr 15 2011

       What [mouse] will say.
Voice, Apr 15 2011

       dentworth likes placeholders
dentworth, Apr 15 2011

       //I don't know what Loris is planning// [Loris] has already told us ([normzone] gets it (as [spidermother] will have said])). Must be planning on waiting long enough for everyone to have forgotten.
mouseposture, Apr 15 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] redundant with an existing placeholder idea complete with placeholder summary, body, and annotations.
FlyingToaster, Apr 16 2011

       //([normzone] gets it)// That's what I said!
spidermother, Apr 16 2011

       [marked-for-expiry] No fun - reference was deleted.
Loris, May 25 2011


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